Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 39

Brand Rolex is one of the hundreds of the most expensive in the world. It is the only company related to the world of luxury, producing up to 2000 watches daily. It owns such well-known watch brands as Cellini and Tudor.

As for clock Rolex, their popularity is so high that the number of fakes produced exceeds all imaginable limits. They actively traded in various shops and on the Internet and on the streets. Interestingly, in some cases, the quality of fakes is so high that distinguish them from the originals could only a specialist, and that after the opening of the housing and inspection mechanism.

Design Rolex is the best corresponds to the image of the "master of life." Sparkling dial with pretentious crown in the logo, the abundance of inscriptions describing titles and merits, oyster-fruity body. And a lot of gold.

Not so long ago the world has seen three models of Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 39 equipped with a bezel adorned with sapphires «fancy pink», «fancy green» and «fancy orange», and some also represented with colored dials and numbers 6 and 9 with diamonds, as well as versions  with dials and bracelets studded with diamonds. For decoration Rolex watches use only diamonds and sapphires, which are selected according to the highest standards and encrusted by the rules of art for their extraordinary brightness. For this purpose, Rolex has its own gemological laboratory in which experienced professionals control the quality of gems, using high-tech equipment. Then the stones fall into the hands of company masters who are skilled labor helps to emphasize the natural beauty of the stones.

The Rolex company also has its own foundry, where they produce their own alloys 18 carat yellow, white gold or gold Everose on the basis of the raw material. From the casting of gold before its punching and polishing - all operations are performed with the utmost care in the studio of the brand for highest quality standards Rolex. This is a complete mastery of the technique within the company and the highest standards at all stages of production allows to produce Rolex watches with unmatched jewelry finish.

New watches Datejust Pearlmaster mechanism equipped with a new generation: the caliber 3235, entirely designed and manufactured by Rolex to maximize their performance. This mechanism is marked with Swiss chronometer certificate, which is issued by the clock, successfully tested in the Swiss Official Chronometer Institute (COSC). However, the company conducted additional tests Rolex mechanism after it is inserted into the body to double the precision to wear compared with the accuracy of the official chronometer.

This final verification of the accuracy of the clock assembled was done by their own Rolex methods and high-tech equipment, which have been specially designed by the company. Representing the quintessence of advanced technologies in the Rolex watchmaking, this mechanism with automatic winding marked by fourteen patents and has significant advantages by parameters such as accuracy, range, impact resistance, resistance to magnetic fields, ease of use and reliability. In addition, thanks to the new Architech-round drum and better performance of the mechanism patented Chronergy, 3235 caliber has a power reserve of approximately 70 hours.

The elegantly curved bracelet Pearlmaster, consisting of massive units made of 18-carat gold, gives the watch an even more imposing look and makes them easier to use. Bracelet supplemented elegant and at the same time functional hidden clasp Crownclasp.