Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi in Steel

Classic Taste - Pepsi or Coke? Some say that there is no comparison, and others claim it is a matter of taste, but one thing everyone can agree on is that Rolex GMT-Master that has been nicknamed “Pepsi” Ref. 1675 in Steel is a true winner for taste and classic choice.  The original design from 1955 showcased a red and blue scale for the 24-hour display, and earned the nickname.  The new released version has captured all the character of the older version, but with some very distinct personality. Classic Elegance - Rolex Tradition Originally the colors were designed to distinguish the day and night time for the second time zone.  When the timepiece was crafted the specs were created based on input from Pan American Airways.  The popularity of intercontinental flights and the growth of those flights created a need for watches with second time zones and increased the popularity of the GMT-Master’s.  Also being a popular brand design strengthened the overall demand and made the original a worldwide favorite.  Rolex took steps to modify the design and in 2007 introduced a ceramic bezel on steel versions of the GMT-Master II.  At that particular time the ability to manufacture a two-color bezel in ceramic was technically not possible, with the color red being the main issue.  Later, in 2013 the brand managed to craft a blue and black ceramic bezel, tackling one of the issues they faced previously.  That timepiece earned the nickname “Batman” and became extremely popular with buyers around the world.  Then in 2014 the brand finally found the secret to creating the perfect red color they needed to reintroduce the popular “Pepsi” red and blue bezel on a white gold watch.  The price tag on this model was quite steep and fans needed a less expensive solution.  In 2018 in response to this popular timepiece and the need for reduced cost Rolex crafted a Pepsi version in steel. Time to Choose! As the brand rolled out the Rolex GMT-Master "Pepsi" Ref. 1675 in Steel the reception was well received.  Certainly the more expensive version, the white-gold timepiece, can’t be confused with this steel version, but the quality and reliability are identical.  This steel version the brand created is a first for them, a sports watch that is completed with a five piece link Jubilee bracelet, which previously had only been the finished aspect of the Datejust models. The bracelet was developed in 1945 for the Datejust timepieces and the GMT-Master also boasted that option since 1959.  The links on this new bracelet are designed with the center links polished and the outer links a brushed finish, similar to the Oyster bracelet that was the finishing touch of the earlier version of the GMT-Master II.  The bracelet is comfortable, saltwater-resistant, stainless steel and referred to by Rolex as the “Oystersteel”.  This bracelet also is equipped with the oysterlock folding clasp, the easylink extension and makes for ease of closing, locking and even extension. Pepsi Please! This spectacular new timepiece is equipped with every wonderful aspect of the brands magnificent quality and reliability.  Practical time zone functions are quite the feature for this new watch, and while the 1955 bezel was made of Plexiglas and the red and blue and white were printed on the underside, this timepiece took a process and updated so that the red color could be achieved with lasting effects.  So now Rolex created the ceramic with an aluminum oxide base, added chromium oxide, magnesium oxide and a rate earth oxide.  In order then to craft the blue color they took half the bezel and using a metallic salt solution before the sintering process to lay the blue layer on top of the red background.  Then with some sintering temps and talented milling, the beautiful red and blue case is the result.  The numerals are coated with platinum in a PVD process, polished so that the precious metal only remains on the recessed numerals and dots.  The patented processes retain the color and will not allow fading as on the older models.  This Rolex GMT-Master "Pepsi" Ref. 1675 in Steel is equipped with the new Caliber 3285 and increases the power reserve to three full days.  The timepiece is like all of the brand timepieces Swiss chronometer certified, confirming the high accuracy ad quality of each watch.  The brand really has crafted a popular timepiece with this new design.  While changing only a few aspects of the GMT Master II over the past 60 years, they have a classic, timeless watch that now is affordable for all those Pepsi lovers, and maybe a few Coke lovers as well.