Rolex vs. TAG Heuer

From a small watch shop in the Jura mountains of Switzerland TAG Heuer turned into a legend of the watch industry. Swiss original TAG Heuer watch perfectly combine technology and design, symbolize quality and prestige. Due to its incredible sports timepieces company TAG Heuer is known throughout the world.

Rolex acquired an image of durable watches in the world, along with what the manufactory has received the unconditional recognition of the quality worldwide. Due to the slim designer "instinct" masters manufacture than impeccable reliability "crowned" chronometers, each model from the collections of watchmaking house boasts stylish, elegant appearance and outstanding ergonomics.


So now let’s try to combine these two truly legendary brands. Although it can be more difficult than it seems.

If you are one of those who cannot decide between getting TAG Heuer or Rolex watches, if you have heard equally great items about these two brands, let’s see the difference and try to make clear the misconceptions about these definitely great watches.

If you’re going to put questions to numerous fans of these two name brands,  you will discover quite a lot about the chronograph, technologies and different capabilities and reliability of TAG watches vs. Rolex. So the main criterion will be Quality and Value.

TAG Heuer

Surprisingly, Rolex is not only highly regarded among qualified specialists, but it’s also one of the most popular and anknowledged title brand between general public. Rolex is also not the most expensive watch. Both manufactures are famous for making amazing quarts and mechanical timepieces.

If you want your watch for a long time served, then Rolex could be a better choice, taking into account that it preserves its inner value and about to be greatly worth with time than TAG Heuer watch.

Now let’s talk about repair and warranties. Both brands provides a two year guarantee and a three year warranty for the most models, service is also on and it is needed every 4-5 years. It may cost you about 500 dollars for TAG watch and about 1200 dollars for Rolex.

Now about diamonds, TAG Heuer uses F to G colour, and Rolex utilizes D colour diamonds. Most timepieces have 12 months guarantee for the stones.

Also both brands create mechanical and quartz model variations, but it’s very important to know the difference before you buy a watch. For instance, quartz not only is a lot more accurate but it’s also more reliable and secure for the long term. Also quartz can be more affordable. Mechanical chronographs might be amazingly correct, but they are definitely not any person, because they can only be activated by sporting them. Eventually, the watch can become less accurate if you change your watches quite often. And quartz can be more correct because it doesn’t need motion to work.


As for the look, Rolex occasionally change the appearance of the watches, meaning it won’t lose its classic and sharp look even through years. But this statement can bring down people who are crazy about upgrading and all new.

And TAG really change the models look every couple of years.

And the last but often the most important difference – the value and expense. As we said before Rolex is more expensive than TAG watch, if you estimate alike models, but of course Rolex justify its prize if you consider that this watch will serve you over many many years.

So to sum up we’ll say maybe an obvious conclusion, choosing Rolex over TAG Heuer is really more a question of your personal style and character.