Rolex Watches - Share Your Sophistication and Style with a Classic

As one of the staple names when it comes to luxury timepieces, the Rolex watches are always a popular hit. After all, they not only offer an aesthetically appealing timepiece, but also one that rarely fails its wearer. That being said, collectors will always have a special place reserved for the classic designs, and the older Rolex models are often said to outperform their newer counterparts. There are very few people in the world that have not heard of a Rolex watch, and the style, reliability and household name behind the brand is the reason why there are so many that try to emulate it.

Rolex Oyster Precision

If you're looking for a beautiful authentic watch that calls attention to itself, then you definitely have to take a look at the Rolex Oyster Precision, 6694. Despite the fact that it is not among one of the Rolex watches, this classic can still hold its own against even the newest versions. Compared to some of the other luxury watches out there, the Rolex Oyster has a relatively small face. That being said, its smaller stature does not inhibit the user in any way, especially when it comes to reading time. The gold color of the dials and markings create a nice finishing touch that is also easy to see against the black face.

Rolex Oyster Precision />	</p>    <p>       For a slightly more eye popping design that really calls attention to the wrist, then you may want to consider checking out the         <b>Rolex GMT-Master II, 116713LN</b>. Again, while this particular model is not among the Rolex watches, it still conveys just as much style and sophistication. Similar to many of the other classic models, the GMT-Master II is a hand wound watch, which not only gives you more control over your timepiece, but also means that there are fewer parts to malfunction, as well. Most of the newer models have an automatic feature.    </p>    <p>        <img src=

If you're having a difficult time choosing between the two models mentioned above, then it really comes down to the look that you prefer. While both a very reliable models that have comparative features, one does have a slightly smaller watch face diameter. However, most people don't notice the difference in size; only in overall color and appearance. New Rolex watches are still coming out, but the classics will always be in style – no matter how old they get, or where you are in life.

Rolex GMT-Master II