Titan Black Chelsea FC Rolex Daytona Marks the Club's Victory at 2012 Champions' League

Winning is always a celebration of victory, and something is always used to commemorate those as a tribute to the victor. Medals are used by many as a sign of the winners, sometimes trophies, sometimes jewelry such as rings or in this case an exquisite timepiece. Titan Black Chelsea FC Rolex Daytona marks the club's victory at 2012 Champions' League. Commissioned by the team to deliver this excellent timepiece, Titan Black has unveiled the remarkable creation. The watch reflects the team colors, the team logo, the UEFA Champion's League logo, and also captures the true spirit of the individuals that make up the winning team.

The masterfully designed watch showcases the strength, pride and determination the team presented this season, as well as certainly delivers quality and substance that the brand is respectfully known for. The timepieces will be gifts to the team members, management, and board of directors. A truly elegant watch, it marks an historic achievement by the London football club, and clearly the design and artistic creation is a collectible for any fan.

The Titan Black Chelsea FC Rolex Daytona marks the club's victory at 2012 Champions' League and is delivered in a special blue leather box. The specially designed dial was crafted with the colors of the club, a white dial with three blue chronographs. The small seconds sub dials at the 6 o'clock position proudly presents the Chelsea crest. The 30 minutes counter that sits at the 3 o'clock position features the image of the famous UEFA Champion's League trophy, while the 12 hours counter is host to the logo of the most popular football club's competition in the world.

Titan Black Chelsea FC Rolex Daytona

The central chronograph hand counts time with 1/8 second accuracy, obviously Rolex perfection is built in, and precision is something the brand is recognized for around the globe. A 40mm Oyster case crafted from stainless steel is home to the polished bezel, and engraved with the tachymeter scale, as well as the coordinating three-linked bracelet. The case houses the Rolex Caliber 4130 self-winding chronograph mechanism, and carries the certified chronometer that delivers the 72 hours of power reserve.

Titan Black Chelsea FC Rolex Daytona

All 290 parts, inclusive of the innovative blue Parachrom hairspring, oscillate at the frequency of 28,800 beats per hour. Being a master of luxurious watches, Titan Black specializes in modifying Rolex timepieces, crafting a unique artistry, while still maintaining the original exquisite beauty and heart. Prior to the commission of this timepiece for Chelsea FC, the company designed a Panathinaikos FC Rolex Milgauss watch.

A true masterpiece that has been created, the Titan Black Chelsea FC Rolex Daytona marks the club's victory at 2012 Champions' League and provides a collector watch for a very special and elite group of people. Anyone who loves the game, or the team, would want to add this special edition to their collection.