Wholesale Jewelry Offers – up to 75% off!

Whenever someone thinks of luxury, jewelry is almost always one of the first thoughts. Luxury jewelry is one of the most distinctive ways to express love and to demonstrate taste, style, and sophistication. Children grow up seeing their mothers wear beautiful necklaces and earrings, while boys grow up seeing their fathers wearing luxurious rings and watches. We know from the delight we experience when giving and receiving jewelry as a gift how powerfully symbolic it can be in expressing sentiments such as love, respect, pride, and friendship. Precious gems, high quality craftsmanship, and the use of gleaming precious metals combine to create pieces of art that are more valuable than the sum of their individual parts. From diamonds and rubies to gold and platinum, true luxury jewelry aficionados recognizes quality and seeks to bring the small joy of luxury jewelry into their own lives as well as into the lives of the people they care about. World of Luxury is dedicated to feeding the desire for luxury by featuring both vintage and innovative jewelry from the top designers from around the globe. World of Luxury is the ultimate luxury jewelry destination, offering a vast retail collection by some of the most sought-after jewelers, including Damiani and Valente, which we offer piece by piece, allowing you build your luxury jewelry collection selectively. From elegant white diamond and pearl earrings to diamond studded cuff links, World of Luxury seeks out a multitude of luxury jewelry items that offer a wide variety of designs and styles to fulfill and fuel your desire for experiencing and sharing the gift of luxury jewelry – a gift that grows more valuable emotionally and financially over time. Would you like the exclusive opportunity to shop the most exquisite and enduring brands of fine jewelry, all at significant savings? For those seeking wholesale lots of luxury jewelry, World of Luxury offers an exceptional selection of wholesale luxury jewelry from some of the finest jewelry makers in the world, including Autore, Baraka, Bibigi, Boucheron, Bulgari, Casato, Chaumet, Ciaravolo, Criveli, Damiani, Davide Currado, Faicinelli, Fred, Giorgio Visconti, Gucci, H. Stern, Luca Carati, Mikimoto, Pasquali Bruni, Tagliamonte, Valente, Zoccai, Zydo and many other popular brands. The wholesale prices for these jewelry collections can be obtained for up to 75% below retail. To qualify for as a wholesaler and have access to these incredibly low wholesale prices, you must purchase a minimum of 100 pieces or $150,000 in jewelry items. We do allow our wholesalers to create their own collections when building their minimum order from among the collections we have available.