Dirk Bikkembergs Men's Designer Fashion

Bottom To The Top

 Born on January 2, 1959 in Cologne, Germany, Dirk Bikkembergs has grown from a brilliant shoe designer in 1985 to a sought after clothing designer and an integral part of Belgian fashion. Graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp he was known around the fashion world as a member of the Antwerp Six. This group consisted of young Belgian designers who took on the fashion world with more futuristic unisex clothing that offered comfort and style. Dirk’s footwear earned him an award in 1985 and was his trademark, helping him launch his clothing line and further driving him to sportswear that is a primary focus today.  

Men to Women

Launching a menswear collection in 1988 which was manufactured in Italy, he received wonderful reviews. His collection gave a masculine strength but also brought a clothing line that delivered power and confidence, while at the same time was sexy and could certainly be worn by men or women. A parallel collection that created signature pieces defined by the designer using cut and fabrics that worked for both men and women. It was never intended to be a second line, it was relaxed, simple and basic, bringing t-shirts, jackets, and more to people, not a specific sex. A cut or feel can bring a design to life for everyone, not define who it is for. He grew collections, brought a new look to denim with the red label, providing the jeans with heart, innovation and unique shape. Strong and liberal clothing, Dirk Bikkembergs designs are meant for human beings, not just men and women.  

Fashion On The Field

With luck the designer stumbled across a warehouse worker who stood in for him as a model, and unlike the professionals he brought a reaction to the clothes that opened new doors and new ideas. Realizing that the unlikely model was also captain of the FC Fossombrone, a small local Italian soccer club his thoughts turned to sports. The designer focused on styling for sports, fabric technology that worked for high-performance, comfort and breath, but also fashion and life. The team which was located in the warehouse area became his go to for jackets, underwear, and more. Testing the products as well as promoting them, Bikkembergs courture-fitted clothing took over on the field and off. The brand trademark entered into a sponsorship deal in 2005 and he also purchased a part of the team. The players have become the face of the designers sports brand and the growth of the underwear line alone has skyrocketed.  

Unity Unisex

Looking to the future for clothing that appeals to a broad line of consumers, looking to sports, especially soccer to embrace the fashion industry in a unique way. Many designers sell lifestyle, but Dirk Bikkembergs clothing sells dreams and goals and inspiration to be who you want to be.