The Franc Vila timepieces

Usually, the history of the greatest brands starts with a dream, and Franc Vila´s is no different. Franc Vila was born in Valencia, in the eastern Spain. He became passionately interested in art, design, watches and fountain pens at a very early age as well as collector of watches and fountain pens. Young Franc´s passion and love for High-End watch-making started when he saw his stopped father´s automatic watch come to life. Franc Vila got warmed up for high-end watch-making when his father hold him that the watch only ran when in contact with humans. Thereby he understood that there is a magic relationship between men and watches, and that we are who give them life. At that time he didn´t know where he would be driven by his astonishment. Today, though the child is an adult and his mission is clear, his sight is still the on of that child who, collector of watches and other art objects, dreamed up his ideal watch. But his was not fulfilled and after studying Bio-chemicals, Fine Arts and Philosophy, Franc Vila embarked on the realization of his obsession: to create the watch of his dreams. Franc Vila developed his finely hand-crafted complicated wrist watches and fundamentally reinvented forms, building into the future by respecting the past, creating watches that are contemporary while retaining their classical spirit. Franc Vila started to design watches on 2000, when committed himself to create high quality mechanical watches only, and to create some of the best timepieces ever made. The first Franc Vila timepiece was a minute repeating wristwatch with perpetual calendar and moon-phases with a world premiere slide mechanism positioned inside of the case. Due to his education in chemistry he has a well knowledge of materials, and thanks to it he created his first wristwatches with a very special stainless steel with an innovative case structure of two pieces. His education in arts allowed him to design a watch case that evolved later in the "esprit unique" shape characteristic of the Franc Vila watches. Franc Vila creations are an individual and exceptional global approach where all the elements case, dial, strap, mechanism, rotors, screws, crown and hands form a unique and indissociable whole in which modernity, beauty, quality, precision, and exclusivity play a balanced role. The Franc Vila watches benefit from the latest technology combined with an exceptional know-how that blends tradition and modernity and are designed for an exclusive clientele who demand a timepiece both contemporary and elegant. The Franc Vila timepieces are a form of art and who wears them has time for leisure pursuits, appreciates life´s special moments and needs different and special products, not mass produced watches, but pieces that provide a unique experience, to each individual. Owning an exceptional unique watch is a rare privilege and to wear it an exclusive art. Franc Vila´s timepieces reinvent forms, building into the future by respecting the past, and perpetuate the watch-making tradition with its collections, including the most prestigious complications with the unique design Esprit Unique. Vila´s commitment is to present new classics through the understanding of the contemporary world. The Genevan firm specializes in the making of great watch complications in ultra limited series, guarantying a reduced and exclusive production of the highest quality. Franc Vila showed officially for first time his first collections in Baselworld 2005 with big success thanks to his original case and dial designs. Since then, Franc Vila has been presenting timepieces with his characteristic "esprit unique" design housing the most prestigious complications in horology such as Perpetual Calendars, Flyback Chonograph watches and tourbillons with minute repeater or with chronograph. His absolute passion for excellence and for exclusivity leads to ultra limited collections of numerated timepieces with their movements accurately detailed in luxury finishes and decoration, adopting in the case of the tourbillon movements the "esprit unique" shape.