Frederique Constant Classic Index GMT

"It all started with my wife Aletta, in the distant 1980s, when we are at leisure, after a long day of work, were drawing different clocks - says Peter Stas, CEO of Frederique Constant. - The adventure really began in 1991, when we received our first order for 350 watches of production: the company Frédérique Constant was born».

Unfortunately, not every watch has to be outstanding. The world hardly needs a daily watches revolution - we quickly will get tired of it. Often enough a time-tested classics from a company that is trusted for a long time. And deservedly so. Swiss watches Frederique Constant – is exactly the same case.

In a measure of serious and practical, model FC-350S5B6B, FC-350B5B6B with a steel bracelet and a version with a black leather strap (part number FC-350S5B6), as well as in the steel case with rose gold plated FC-350V5B4 equipped with self-winding movement FC-350 (power reserve - 38 hours). Dimensions of all versions are identical, what we still pay attention a little later, and the possibility to display the time in a second time zone separate arrow with red tip and corresponding labels will mention now.

The dials of these watches are equipped with mostly silver arrows and labels. An exception is the luxury version in gilt. Shells polished over the entire surface of the bezel to the back cover with sapphire glass. Diametr body have the same patterns as noted above - 42 mm, with a thickness of 12.45 mm. Even on a small wrist Frederique Constant Classic Index GMT watches are going to look elegant. The index is 50M Water Resistance, indicating that reliable protection against surface water ingress (showers, hand washing), but swimming with these timepieces is not recommended.

The dial of the collection Classic Index GMT efforts Masters Frederique Constant to obtain pure - in the sense that the reading of his evidence is fast and easy. The contrast of colors and quality of the coating of the dial combined with subtle labels (6 of them are full-fledged Roman notation, the remaining 6 - single labels) allows the eye to capture information instantly. Calendar aperture at 3-hour mark is sustained in the general style and not distracting from the atmosphere created for that watchmakers Frederique Constant special thanks - models of some manufacturers aperture sometimes obsessive "stick" to disturb the harmony of the image.

The decision of the responsible workers of the Frederique Constant use clock collection Classic Index GMT mechanism of its own production is welcome. Classic "three-arrows" were improved by adding complexity in a separate component mounted between the dial and the base mechanism. This complication, the module of the second time zone has a separate arrow operation is stable, which in this case is very important.

It pleases the fact of creation by Frederique Constant mechanism of its own production (FC-350). This Swiss textiles can not be called a giant, for a company of this size much cheaper and easier to order the right size by a third party. But the company Frederique Constant has chosen not the easiest way. And took it with dignity, having achieved their goal - was a good mechanism, to cope with their duties flawlessly.

Watches Frederique Constant Classic Index GMT not claim the laurels of the one and only. This is a classic that is reflected not only in the title of the collection, but also in appearance and functional features of the model FC-350S5B6B, FC-350B5B6B, FC-350S5B6, FC-350V5B4.

Nice design, excellent legibility of the dials, simple and clear display system time in the second time zone, together with the mechanism equipped with a self-winding - models from the collection Classic Index GMT by Frederique Constant will appeal to the modern man, in accessories prefers understated style and functionality.