Frederique Constant Classics Carree Automatic Watch

Square watches have not always been popular with men, but around the 1920’s things started to change. Pocket watches were replaced with wristwatches for men and the design of the square shaped case was born, mainly to accommodate the leather strap, but also as a fashion statement. Bringing that same style and statement back with an elegant retro look, Frederique Constant and the Classics Carree Automatic Watch exemplifies the brand philosophy and sophistication.

This timepiece is introduced in two versions, a rose gold-plated polished stainless steel or an exquisite polished stainless steel case. The dial is a beautiful silver tone that embraces the renowned and iconic brand ‘heartbeat opening’ at 12 o’clock showcasing the inner workings of the FC-310 caliber. Completing the detailing on the dial, the delicate intricacy of the guilloche styling that features the prominent black Roman numerals on the outside rim, and Breguet hands that softly flow around the dial. The back case allows for the reveal of the automatic caliber that is crafted with great Colimacon decoration. Finishing the timepiece is a black or dark brown leather strap. Refined and classic in the design, the brand has delivered clean lines and reliability along with precision and the exceptional standard they are known for.

Describing the Frederique Constant Classics Carree Automatic watches as Art Deco is a unique way to identify the defining style of the timepiece. With the slim design, 30.4mm across, and 33.3mm lug to lug measurement, the timepiece is petite with a convex shape to allow for a closer and more comfortable fit to the wrist. The self-winding movement beats at 4Hz and a power reserve of 38 hours.

That traditional vintage design coupled with such a classic elegance really gives a refined beauty to this watch. The affordability of the timepiece is also one of the attractive attributes for horological collectors. Frederique Constant is a brand that constantly is striving for innovation in design while holding true to tradition and timeless beauty. Each watch is hand-assembled and makes no compromise on quality, precision and analytical design go hand in hand for the brand. When looking for that timepiece which captures the essence of quality, the brand knows that perceived value is just as important as consistency in their work and why each piece is delivered with those attributes. The Constant Classics Carree Automatic Watch exemplifies every aspect of the brand philosophy and one that collectors want.