Frederique Constant Heartbeat

The Heart of the Matter

Frederique Constant launched their first watches in 1992, but the signature line didn’t appear until two years later, when the Heartbeat timepiece showcased the brilliance of the brand.  The craftsmanship of this collection was to highlight the mechanical prowess, the ‘heartbeat’ and certainly at this time a really innovative creation.    The brand placed an aperture at the position of the balance wheel, allowing the movement to shine through and demonstrating the skills and ingenuity that Frederique Constant was bringing to the table.  Despite this amazing invention, the brand had a patent problem, and other horological designers duplicated what they had worked so hard to create.

Lead The Way

When you face adversity you don’t lay down, you stand tall and fight back.  So Frederique Constant worked to find innovative ways to reclaim their ingenius design ideas.  In 2004 they presented their first in-house movement, and it was the heart of course of the Heartbeat.  Making drastic changes to this time timepiece, the brand took the craftsmanship of watchmaking to a new level.  Shifting the beat to 6 o’clock required some excellent design skills, but the results were outstanding.  Modifications were made through the next few years to this original design, elevating the collection and crafting 9 new models.  This collection is the pinnacle for the brand, and led to the development of the Automatic FC-930, in-house developed, produced and assembled manufacture caliber.  Embracing classical watchmaking Frederique Constant never stopped being a leader, and did not allow any actions to deter their flow.

Keep On Ticking

Elements of sophistication, elegance and tradition adorned the designs that the brand continued to develop, but certainly the Heartbeat Manufacture is the center of the brand.  The newest of the collections feature designs that take on a more modern feel, without compromising the quality and reliability of the inner beauty.  A timeless appearance, with horological expertise, the collection continues to evolve.  The new Slimline collection is the next step for the Heartbeat collection and a great stride for the future.  One of the slimmest models for Frederique Constant, it is also one of most stylish.  Beauty has always been a part of the creations, not surprising for the brand, and just a bonus to the inner workings.  Since the inception of the collection, the beat has been strong, steady and superior.  As they say it takes a licking, and keeps on ticking, but in this case we know that you cannot keep a good brand down.  Look forward to new designs for the collection and know that the heart beat will continue.