Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch

In recent years, the word «smart» often sounds in the name of various electronic devices. It all started with a phone running on operating systems (smartphone).  Swiss conservatives from the world of watches refused to participate in the boom of smart watches - fashion comes and goes, a classic is eternal. Meanwhile, Apple company released its first smart watch: although well-known firm was not a pioneer in this area, but marked the beginning of the popularity of modern smart watches, gave new life to this class. The response from the masters of the Old World was not long to wait - first France and now Switzerland took up the production of smart watches. Frederique Constant manufacture introduced its first smart watch in an elegant body, with a classic dial.

Think of the two main differences between the so-called "smart" watches from any other. In first it’s the ability to count steps, made by the owner for a day, measure the pulse, monitor the quality of sleep. All this by placing in the back of the transmitter. Owner of smart watch gets useful information about the state of health that can not be underestimated. Second, smart watches are most useful in conjunction with other electronic devices - such as a smartphone or tablet, storing and processing data.

Different colors will resonate in the hearts of watch lovers of light and dark shades. Two models with a steel body with a diameter of 42 mm are on hand with the help of leather strap. Upper instance is allocated with a leather strap stylish gold-plated body. Also available version with steel bracelet with folding clasp. The thickness of the body is unchanged - 13.5 mm. This is more than adequate indicator for housing, which in addition to the mechanism set yet and the sensor. The mechanism of quartz (MMT-285), in the normal supply of energy accumulator, the assurances of the manufacturer, is 25 months.

Architecture caliber MMT-285 allowed to set in the bottom section of the dial, which are not only evidence calendar, but also the physical characteristics of the owner activity and sleep. The outer scale marked from 10 to 100, the figures indicating the length of the arrow. Short arrow indicates the date on the inner scale. In the active length of the arrow according to the arrow fulfillment of a task as a percentage.  So let’s figure what is the mode of activity.

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch interest involved counting system user activity. For the most complete explanation of the essence of it is better to learn the facts about the sensor, makes the data Swiss watch exactly as they are - very clever!

MotionX sensor created by the American firm of the same name, which is the supplier of sensors for several companies that produce smart watches. Apple - is no exception. After installing the app MotionX (downloadable for free on smartphones from Apple, and for devices running Android) and Bluetooth connectivity of the clock Frederique Constant, on the smartphone screen begins to tune. Connect your smartphone watch non-automatic - put your finger on the crown, because it is also a button.

Swiss Manufacturer Frederique Constant is able to surprise. We’ve all already seen many different smart watches, but not in such a manner. True classic timepiece mixed with modern technologies - get smoothies for the health-conscious individuals. Their elegant look preclude finding a number of other smart watches, most of them anyway lean more to the sporty style. In the segment of smart watch sample 2015 other manufacturers have not been able to surpass the beauty of Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch.