Girard-Perregaux Traveller Large Date, Moonphase & GMT

Flaunting mechanism became the rule in watchmaking. Whether it beautifully crafted mechanism or a simple mechanism for entry level factory is now made most of its watches with sapphire back cover - through which to examine the mechanism of the rear of the clock. Despite the fact that in some 3-hour turnout mechanism is not visible on the dial, more sophisticated products can proudly flaunt it. It is a manufactory GP and demonstrates new watch Girard-Perregaux Traveller Large Date, Moonphase & GMT. Novelty is equipped with a sapphire dial, which is viewed through the elements of the mechanism.

The new model watch Girard-Perregaux Traveller Large Date, Moonphase & GMT with sapphire dial is identical to the classical model, which we saw last year. But the new model have transparent dial. As stated earlier, if the 3-arrow clock mechanism is not visible on the dial, but only the surface with circular graining, the new model Girard-Perregaux Traveller Large Date, Moonphase & GMT you can see a lot more hidden elements of the dial than just axle and wheel . It’s really interesting to watch the work of the date increased GP.

Girard-Perregaux watch shows the date in his own way. The indicator increased the date (two digits of the date are displayed on two separate disks) using a visual effect that makes you believe that you are using a single drive. As a rule, big date shows the gap between the two neighboring flush disks (for example, in the model of Glashütte Original) or between two disks on two different levels, where one overlaps the other (a visual defect, which is usually corrected by creating two separate windows, on the one for each digit in the model Lange & Sohne, Lange 1).

If the mechanism is not visible in the GP classic watches Traveller Large Date, Moonphase & GMT, in this model, the sapphire dial gives a clear picture of how the mechanism works. Date consists of two discs. Right disc black with white numbers located at a lower level. A second disc with white numerals, it is located above 0.10 mm and above is made of a transparent folanorma with impressions of white figures. Transparent covers basic black disk drive, thus creating the illusion of a single disk to the eye. Simple, and yet brilliant!

Sapphire dial also allows the owner to see the beautiful main processing platinum, several visible gears and wheels and circular Geneva waves. The rest of the indicators are similar to those in the classical model of Traveller Large Date, Moonphase & GMT, namely indication of the moon phase at around 7:30 with photorealistic metal processing, with small seconds, the indicator of the second 24-hour zone at around 4:30 which adjusts the increase in one hour by a button on the side.

Other characteristics have not changed in comparison with the standard model timepiece Traveller Large Date, Moonphase & GMT: body diameter of 44 mm with a beautifully curved lugs, matte and polished surface. The choice of housing is presented in stainless steel or 18-carat pink gold. Inside, there is an automatic mechanism for GP-3300, an effective, reliable, with a fine finish with a 46-hour power reserve. Caliber is equipped with several features: hours, minutes, small seconds, big date, moon phase indicator, the second 24-hour zone. The new model of Girard-Perregaux Traveller Large Date, Moonphase & GMT dial with sapphire exhibited at the price of 17,800 euros in stainless steel and is priced at 34,000 euros in 18-carat pink gold.