Hands-On Girard Perregaux Debuts Casquette 2.0 Watch

Dynamic Design Future or Past

 Girard-Perregaux was founded in 1791 and has been a leader in innovative timepieces from the very beginning.  Influencing the industry with many designs the “Casquette” certainly is one that captured the attention.  This specific design introduced a new case shape, a digital LED display and a in-house movement.  The name identifies a watch with a soft cap and visor and when it was discontinued the interest grew even more.  Innovation was something the industry craved and disappointment over this leaving the market was very apparent.  But the brand has stepped up and introduced the new Hands-On Casquette 2.0 watch.  Limited to 820 watches, a new inhouse movement, the 3980, this timepiece is striking.  Sleek, light and futuristic in design the timepiece was designed with ergonomic features, high legibility and extremely cool materials.

Feel The Fire

          The case on this beauty is 14.64mm and feels very slender on the wrist, it features a curved caseback and slanted case top that really hugs the wrist and allows it to lay very snug and not stick up.  The Hands-On Girard Perregaux Debuts Casquette 2.0 Watch iconic design is really unmodified from the original it does provide brand new materials which are much more high performance and exciting to the touch.  The materials the brand have introduced for this timepiece ceramic case and bracelet are scratch-resistant, hypoallergenic and feel amazing to the touch as well as on the skin.  The caseback, buckle and pushers are titanium and while it is darker than the vintage Makrolon version it is edgy and polished in more ways than one.  The Casquette 2.0 provides more than just the hours and minutes, the timepiece shows date, month, year, a second time zone, a chronograph, and there is also a secret date to help the wearer remember that special date that one never wants to forget, be it a birthday, anniversary, or other occasion.

Finished Finesse

          Girard-Perregaux has said that the movement that drives this Casquette 2.0, the GPO3980-1474 Quartz, was used by them before it became a universal standard in the industry for quartz movements.  The movement itself drives a tubular LED display and is water resistant up to 50m.  Extreme comfort and really well designed this timepiece will be one that collectors will be searching for.

Girard-Perregaux says it’s designed this way to preserve battery life, saying, “Assuming the pushers are pressed on average 20 times per day, the battery should last for two years.”