Glashutte Original Unveils Collection Dedicated to Women

A sensational collection, glamorous and seductive, Glashutte Original unveiled collection dedicated to women at the Waterfall Mansion in New York. The collection features 20 new models for women, taking inspiration from the 1920's and Women's Liberation movement. Artistic and exquisite the collection offers something for every woman.

The celebration was done in elegant fashion, with exhibition rooms decorated with 1920's memorabilia and capturing different facets of the era in each room. One specific room was set up to feature a series of black and white portraits of prominent 20th century women, each famous for changing the perception of women. The “Pavoninia” collection as the brand is referring to the selections, was definitely something that should have been designed sooner, as it is exactly what women have been waiting for.

Glashutte Original Unveils Collection Dedicated to Women

The brand went all out and created a speakeasy lounge setting and an amazing swing band. Certainly giving the evening the 1920's feel, the brand did not disappoint. The Glashutte Original newest women’s collection feature timepieces with cushion-shaped cases, very seductive, with colored jewels and diamond accents.

The sleek and alluring timepieces, crafted in steel, rose gold, and two-tone, are designed from simple unadorned pieces, to exquisite unique diamond pattern pieces. The three-hand date watches are powered by the Caliber 03-01 quartz movement, and are all created with quality and precision of each brand timepiece. With 165 years of excellence in watchmaking, the brand has expertise and skills that are unmatched by other watch makers.

Authentic high-end manufacturing, coupled with nurturing and innovative ideas has kept the legacy of this brand alive and well today. Glashutte Original once again shows the modern and ingenious high quality watch that have been manufactured by the brand since its inception. The timepieces are developed and crafted inside the company, with over 95% of the parts created and designed inhouse.

The “Pavoninia” collection is another revelation for the brand, and designed with all women in mind, from cost to creation, there is a timepiece for all types. You can appreciate the design excellence that has gone into these magnificent pieces, and every woman can feel special with one of these upon her wrist. Beautiful, eye-catching, and certainly high quality, these timepieces have captured the essence that the brand envisioned and also the heart and passion the brand is known for.