Graham Chronofighter Oversize LA Kings: A Glowing Tribute to Ice Hockey

Graham watches take their name after the illustrious George Graham (1674-1751) one of the pillars of British watches-making. Graham is credited with innovative creations in the field of watch-making. The invention of mercury pendulum that can compensate the effects of temperature variations, perhaps the greatest of his introductions, and the deadbeat escapement around in 1715 are key milestones in the life of the horologist. The launch of the Graham Chronofighter Oversize LA Kings to mark the Stanley Cup winning of 2012 by the Los Angeles Kings Ice Hockey team is certainly a glowing tribute to all sport which has made human life colorful the world over.

LA Kings Win Stanley Cup

It is good to take a sneak peak into the salient feature of the great watch. First of all it is a limited edition piece with only a tightfisted 100 pieces to go around. The timepiece brilliantly fuses the theme of hockey as well as the L A Kings colors of silver, black and white. The start and stop lever of the watches which find their way on the left of the case is made of the same carbon material from which the hockey sticks of the L A Kings are made. The black ceramic bezel in a way encloses superbly the Stanley Cup winning theme exhibited close to the 9 O’ clock time marker. The case is flamboyantly large with 47 mm which encloses an automatic powerhouse, a caliber G1747 with a power reserve of 48 hours. Both front and back of the case is guarded by sapphire crystals, the front domed and the back one smoked. To enhance the enchanting ruggedness of the piece it is equipped with an integrated techno fabric black strap apt to add to the visual appeal of the user.

Graham Chronofighter Oversize LA Kings

The watch that has hit the market is certainly a much longed for piece and difficult to procure due to the limited edition strategy of the company. The Chronofighter Oversize LA Kings is certainly a pat on the back of the modern day sports lovers. The partnership of Graham with L A Kings is a beautiful fusion. If the LA Kings pushed its performance to the ultimate limits by winning the coveted Stanley cup, Graham timepieces is certainly under pressure. In the years to come we will certainly witness some creations from the watch maestro which the world will be proud of.