Graham Chronofighter Sahara Watch

For anyone who is not familiar with the brand, Graham is a Swiss watch brand, with British roots. George Graham, a London clockmaker, is the father of modern watch making, recognized as the founder of the chronograph, because he invented the start and stop device of the chronograph. He is also connected with many other aspects of watch making, and he built the master clock for Greenwich Royal Observatory.

The brand itself was revived in 1995 and is held privately today by a Swiss watch company. The brand is home in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. So with a combination of British history and a brilliance of Swiss watch making, the brand has introduced the Chronofighter Sahara Watch, which has shown performance far and above technological parameters.

The design and engineering of the new watch was developed to withstand some of the roughest environmental obstacles. Crafted for extreme conditions, the watch was built for the adventurer, the explorer, and the unknown. Certainly the features on the Graham Chronofighter Sahara Watch were engineered for real life conditions that could benefit in real life saving results.

Graham Chronofighter Sahara Watchr

The trigger system, is crafted from a solid piece of hard carbon, and designed from a very direct machining process. This use of carbon results in a lever that is unique, sturdy and stiff, and enhances the usability of the device. The ceramic bezel is manufactured in black and is what provides the strength, durability and exquisite aesthetic look to the timepiece.

Manufactured and crafted to brave the elements, the watch has been designed with a calculated telemeter scale. This scale enables the watch to measure distances by the speed of sound. The chronograph starts when a visible event occurs, and stops with the sound reaches the observer, such examples of lightning, resulting in thunder. As the temperature influences the speed of sound, the watch engineers have built the watch calculations on 25 degrees C, which is the average temperature on Earth. The scale rim on the dial allows the distance to be measured in kilometers.

Graham Chronofighter Sahara Watchr

The watch features a 47mm wide case, not oversized and certainly built for rugged wear. Water resistant up to 100 meters, and large hands that are easily legible with the SuperLimiNova, the watch face makes it easy to read in all situations. The different models do offer something for each taste, and are all elegant, edgy and perfect for some great adventures.

High-end watches with just exactly the right about of fun and intrigue, the Graham Chronofighter Sahara Watch can certainly be a great fit for a lifestyle that is looking for some action. With just a hint of a military look, but built for outdoor excitement, the watch is certainly transitional for indoor maneuvers as well.