Grieb & Benzinger Area 51 Luxury Watch, With Aliens

Designed by a master goldsmith and created with artistic brilliance, Grieb & Benzinger Area 51 watch is definitely out of this world. The art pieces on the dial are stunning with a three-dimensional display of rubies and diamonds, and only a small piece of the exquisite designs. The back of the watch displays the mechanical movement, featuring the in-house modifications, like the engraving, guilloche, and skeletonization.

The designs and details on this timepiece do not end there, there is also a three-dimensional planet display which has Mother Earth set on bridges giving an impression of space. The timepiece is set in a solid 18K palladium white gold case, and certainly will be a collectors dream. Perhaps the brand will design a stainless steel version in the future for all of the customers who would want to own one.

Grieb & Benzinger Area 51 Watch

The Grieb & Benzinger Area 51 watch, with aliens is such a unique timepiece, hand decorated and adorned with German artistic skill and brand excellence. The high-end luxury watch features a vintage-style guilloche engraved bezel and the movement is just as impressive. The brand is known for restoring vintage manually wound mechanical movements, and this timepiece is no exception.

This watch of course has the foundation of a space theme, and features the creatures set against a cratered planet like surface on the dial, with solar system planets on the rear of the movement. Earth, Jupiter, Mars and more bring the galaxy into perspective. The master goldsmith behind the exquisite creations, Albrecht Bolz. Decorative skills that are unmatched and detail that is just remarkable.

Grieb & Benzinger Area 51 Watch

The Grieb & Benzinger Area 51 watch was crafted to give the look of liquid metal, which is outstanding and then to highlight the design with precious stones is magnificent. Custom works like this are rare and beautiful, and just like other creations from the brand, this was a one-of-a-kind creation, making it the ultimate gift.

Certainly the brand is known for the creativity of design, and recognized for quality and precision of mechanical movement, but to be appreciated for such innovation, the brand has to produce more of these wonderful creations. Collectors will clamor for more and lines will form to be able to own such a phenomenal timepiece. Let's hope the brand will continue this quest for unique pieces, and share with us more of these wonderful creations.