$26.7 million diamond bought by Harry Winston

While the name is instantly recognized for flawless perfection in exquisite fine jewelry crafting, the most recent addition to this brand was purchased not manufactured. The auction house, Christie’s announced the purchase of a $26.7 million diamond bought by Harry Winston.

The flawless 101.73 carat pear shaped diamond was purchased in Geneva and the brand is the first ever to purchase the diamond. Recently acquired by the Swatch group, the brand also had the explicit privilege of naming the flawless purchase.

Named the Harry Legacy, the stone was described by The American Institute of Gemology as a top color less grade D, the best clarity grade, completely flawless, and of a perfect symmetry. Certainly the brand is a perfect home for such perfection.

$26.7 million diamond bought by Harry Winston

The stone was sold to the auction house by a diamond merchant, and the original weight was 236 carats before it was cut. The Jwaneng Mine in Botswana extracted the stone over a period of 21 months. The largest diamond sold prior to this one was a 76.02 carat stone that was also sold through Christie’s in November of 2012. There is a 530.20 carat stone in the British crown jewels that is the largest colorless diamond known.

The $26.7 million diamond bought by Harry Winston is a collection piece for the global jewelry house. The beauty and brilliance of this stone is something that is to be shared with the world, a true work of magnificence. This stone joins the Lesotho and Hope diamonds in the stunning brand collection.

Continuing the 80 years of diamond expertise, the brand will eventually allow the beauty to be bestowed on some lucky star. Elizabeth Taylor wore an enormous pear-shaped diamond, weighing in at 69.42 carat and cut by the brand, before it was purchased by her then husband Richard Burton. She wore it numerous times, but sold it after her divorce.

Who will wear the $26.7 million diamond bought by Harry Winston? That question is one that may not be answered for quite some time, but certainly like the Hope diamond, it will eventually find a place for millions to admire it, and dream what it would be like to touch such an absolute flawless stone.

Watching the red carpet will someday expose the beauty, but until then we can only live vicariously through stories and pictures of the amazing stone. Lucky for all of us, the brand has so many exquisite pieces of jewelry to share, we can at least choose something else shiny and bright. Diamond are a girl’s best friend, and no matter what size the stone, that is always a true statement.