Harry Winston Avenue Dual Time Automatic Watch

For anyone who appreciates the exquisite art of watchmaking you will certainly be impressed with the powerful design, sophisticated style, and unique indications the Avenue Dual Time Automatic Watch crafted by Harry Winston. Capturing the essence of the brand, this masculine timepiece showcases horological brilliance. The design of geometric lines, perfectly sized proportions, and throwing traditional principles out the window brings this timepiece to the front of the line. With features like the off-center dial for local time, and a second time zone highlighted with a retrograde indication it certainly helps one to see the level of excellence the brand brings to their work.

The brand is known for their signature styles and this timepiece is no exception. Starting with the case, this watch incorporates the House’s Avenue Collection basic design, but still stands alone. Rectangular in design shape, it has a central arch that hugs the hand-sewn alligator strap and brings the attention to the 53.80 mm long and 35.80 mm wide timepiece. Size is of course a main focus and adds to the grandeur of the piece, but helps the style of the watch stand out, the clear precise lines that define the dial, the diamond-chamfered lines of the case, and the facetted lugs. Style is very important to the brand, but comfort is just as important, which is why the curve of the caseback is crafted to perfectly fit the contours of the wrist. The Avenue Dual Time features a distinctive crown set at an angle that really proves Harry Winston’s watchmaking skills push the limit on horological boundaries.

The materials that were used in the creation of this timepiece once again touch the unique nature of this design and embodies the spirit of the brand. The material Zalium, an ultra-light alloy that is exclusive to Harry Winston and developed by the brand, is used in the construction of the timepiece and brings comfort, at the same time it protects against tarnish and scratches. The brand also used Sedna gold, which brought an added elegance to this watch. Again a unique material, the gold is 18k gold alloy and contains a high proportion of palladium instead of the silver you normally find in rose gold alloys. The Sedna gold has a long lasting luster and deep rich color that doesn’t fade.

If these factors do not inspire you to seek out this timepiece, perhaps the distinct dial design will. Twin indications that are split into two zones on two floors with two levels of display, two types of indication and two styles of finish, make it twice as nice. The main time zone is slightly offset on the right, and contains two hands under a smoked sapphire crystal. With this dial embracing the movement it highlights the hour markers that are highly visible to the wearer. A second dial sits on the left, close to the crystal and reveals the local time. The timepiece has a very unique personality, and the local time zone’s hands are perfectly aligned to cross the windows, vanishing from one and reappearing in the next.

The movement that drives the indicators is the same high quality and true to the brand standard. Two core principles that Harry Winston’s horological designs carry, the off-center indications and the retrograde display, are key components in this caliber HW3502. Masterful craftsmanship brings each of these key components together, and to simplify the design the crown controls every function. The main timezone has a day/night indicator which is ideal for world travelers. The second timezone works differently but is magnificent in the overall concepts. The Avenue Dual Time is aesthetically pleasing and the overall design is truly elegant, comfortable and stylish. The brand continues to deliver watches that are unique, impressive and the perfect combination of power and design.