Harry Winston Project Z12 Watch

Inspired by Harry Winston’s childhood in New York City, the new Project Z12 Watch is exquisite.The city’s inspiration shows clearly with the arched blue bridge straddling the central axis, and the dial reflecting the Manhattan bridges that have brought influence into the work of this world renowned jeweler.His life and work show the creativity that he brings to life in each masterpiece.

The radical appearance might seem like a whirlwind circle of numerals at first, and maybe a bit confusing, but upon a closer review one can see that the design is a very complex and asymmetrical horological demonstration using the concentric, bi-retrograde hours and minutes.Certainly a novelty, this timepiece is limited to 300 pieces, and the jumping hour and minute indicators make sure you pay attention.The two hands sweep over a 140 degree field and as one ends the rotation, it jumps back to the starting position, this happens 26 times a day for the minute hand and twice for the hour hand.

The architectural design of the dial, and the unconventional layout are what makes this timepiece so attractive for anyone who wants a unique choice.The 42.2 mm case that displays this magnificent timepiece is made of the brand’s proprietary Zalium alloy and hidden on the edge of the dial is the subtle date disc.The sapphire disc is fixed and bears the numbers between 1 and 31, with luminescent material moving beneath the surface to illuminate the date.At the center of the protruding bridge is the Harry Winston emerald, the signature hallmark and a design that is recurrent on the brand timepieces.The Z12 is blue, the central bridge and the calfskin strap, which also features a print, similar to a denim weave.

The color blue is also found on the rim, carefully surrounding the hour and minute circle, and also on the matching hour markers.

Establishing a tradition over fourteen years ago, the brand uses the trademark ultra-light alloy of aluminium and zirconium in the creation, as the three arches embracing the crown are a depiction of the entrance to the brands historic Fifth Avenue Flagship Salon.The inner working of the timepiece is the HW3306 automatic winding caliber and developed exclusively for this specific timepiece.The silicon balance spring and white gold openwork rotor are special features for the watch, and it also has a power reserve of 68 hours.The timepiece is waterproof to a depth of 300 feet and the case shows the movement through a sapphire crystal case back.

The Project Z12 by Harry Winston is just another example of precision and excellence that the brand is known for around the globe.Spectacular design and so unique that this timepiece is one to spark conversation as well as bring thoughts of the Big Apple with every movement.Make sure you take a close look at this design when you want your wrist to make a statement.

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