Harry Winston's Opus 12 Watches

Harry Winston has developed a reputation for being able to integrate the beauty of fine watch making with the science of telling time. His fascination with Copernican theory and Copernican methods of telling time have allowed him to develop timepieces that go well beyond watches that tell the hour, minute and second. With Opus 12 watch, Harry Winston has again integrated the theory of time with the beauty of craftsmanship and has created something truly special. When you look at this watch, you get the feeling that it is reserved for serious watch collectors only. That is just one of the hallmarks of a Harry Winston design.

The Opus 12 deals not only in the movement of the hour hand, but it also tracks 1/12th of every hour with a five-minute hand in the middle of the watch. The watch reacts with a special animation every time it reaches the five-minute point, and then it reacts again when it strikes on the hour. On the hour, the hands of the watch will start a rotating exercise that could take you months to truly understand. It is a fascinating dance that the watch does and it is something that you can research to understand, or you can just sit back and enjoy the show. Either way, the Opus 12 will execute its drill at precisely every hour as you would expect from a Harry Winston watch.

Harry Winston's Opus 12 Watches

The case is created from durable white gold, which offers a stark contrast to the black band. Within the timepiece itself are 80 gems that are put in place to give precision time readings for both the watch's faces. The full power reserve will hold for 45 hours and it can retain its precision for the entire reserve. The design itself was done in conjunction with Emmanuel Bouchet, but the genesis of the Opus 12 came from Harry Winston. This is not just a precision and durable timepiece. It is a scientific work of art that would be the featured piece in any comprehensive watch collection.

Harry Winston only made 120 pieces for the Opus 12 collection, so you will need to contact your dealer if you really want to get your own piece. The scratch resistant face protects a machine that has taken years to design. It is something that you and your family can enjoy for generations to come and it is also a piece that you can use to help better understand the many different theories of telling time.