HD3 Next Gen Slyde - Jorg Hysek Goes Electronic

Swiss watches have come a long way from the tiny mechanical gears that help us tell the position of the sun in the sky. While many watch connoisseurs may prefer the classic mechanical style, some people just crave more modern, twenty first century watches that utilize advances in technology. Jorg Hysek’s HD3 next gen Slyde edition is the perfect hybrid between a classic beauty and the James Bond all-in-one-device-that-fits-on-your-wrist. Who would have known that movies from ten years ago could help influence the design of modern watches to incorporate touch screen technology. If the iPhone defined and carved out a new market for phones, then the Slyde surely is moving watches down an exciting and new road.

So, can I drive my car from my watch?

While it may be another decade before we have some of the James Bond capabilities in a watch, the HD3 Slyde has many luxurious features that make it truly unique:
  • - Touchscreen - the underlying principles of touchscreen technology enable users to change watch applications by merely "slyding" a finger. The slide can work both horizontally and vertically
  • - Vertical Navigation - the Axis of Time of the watch or graphic modules, for attractive, customized time-reading
  • - Horizontal Navigation - the Axis of Past & Future - can be customized ad infinitum, creating an emotional bond between the SLYDE and its owner.
  • - SLYDE Store - Software in a watch. The store offers new graphic engines and customized versions that can be downloaded and inserted directly into the watch.
  Jorg Hysek knows innovation, but doesn’t forget the basics. The watch comes in four sleek designs:
  • Full Grey HD3 Slyde

    In this variation, the case comes in steel or a lighter titanium version. The caseband is shotpeened to create a matt effect, with polished finishing on the frame and the lateral sockets.
  • Black & Grey HD3 Slyde

    This model features a steel case with black PVD-coated caseband and lug tips. The lugs are shotpeened to create a matt effect with polished motifs on the frame and the lateral sockets.
  • Full Black HD3 Slyde

    The titanium case is coated with a black PVD treatment. The caseband is decorated with polished accents on the frame, the lug tips and the sockets.
  • Black & Rose Gold HD3 Slyde

    This SLYDE variation comes in steel and 18K rose gold. The caseband and the lug tips are in black PVD-coated shotpeened steel, while the lugs and sockets are in 18K rose gold.

Other Jorg Hysek Legacies

HD3 watches are built to last for a lifetime, and designed to withstand the whims of changing styles. Composed of high quality materials including black PVD titanium and rose gold, HD3 watches come in a variety of different designs. The HD3 Idalgo XT1 and XT2 represent the unique genius of Jorg Hysek. With gorgeous strap colors and intricate movement, these watches make an impressive statement. Very limited edition some are even one-of-a-kind, made only once by the original manufacturer. Capture is another beautiful example of Jorg Hysek’s work. The HD3 Capture watch includes rose gold inserts, beautifully skeletonized and decorated black dial, and gold tone hands. The Three Minds Limited Edition Men’s Watch is the result of three different designers putting together the best aspects of their own watches to make one masterpiece. The time is displayed with rotating discs for the hours, minutes, and seconds.