HD3 Slyde to sponsor PokerStars` Caribbean Adventure 10th Anniversary event in January 2013

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is one of the premier poker tournaments in the world, so it only makes sense that the PCA would partner with a watch company that shares the same focus on innovation and excitement in every aspect of their company's operations. It's recently been announced by David Carrion, who serves at the PCA's Director of Live Operations, that luxury watch company Slyde will once again be the official watch sponsor of the event and will offer its high-end, unique watches to the winners of different PCA events as they occur. This is the second partnership made between Slyde and PokerStars since the European Poker Tour also features Slyde. HD3 Slyde black and rose gold model In terms of the watches offered, winners of the PCA's Main Event - a 10,000 dollar buy in event - will win a unique Black and Steel style Slyde Watch. The 25,000 dollar High Roller champ will win a Rose Gold style watch, and the 100,000 Super High Roller winner can expect to receive the Steel and Diamond. These watches are worth around 5,250, 11,990, and 14,880 Euros, respectively. The name Slyde may be unfamiliar to some, but that's only because they were formerly known as HD3. While the name has changed, the company continues to focus on bringing a revolution to the watch design world. Their watches combine modern technology to the age-old art of watchmaking to create stunning watches unlike any others on the market. For instance, those who win the PCA will receive watches that features unique sapphire crystal displays. These displays also boast touch screen capabilities that allow the wearer to customize their display as they see fit. It's a perfect award for such a prestigious contest, and one that only helps to highlight the commitment of Slyde to making an impression in the watch industry. Not to mention the fact that winners will be proud to wear one of the most unique watches on the planet. Slyde offers a number of watches on the market, but this special partnership combines what is known as 'The Ten Best Days of Poker on the Planet" with these sleek watches for a unique experience. Currently, PokerStars is actually offering 100 PCA Main Event packages for only 10 dollars, and it's expected to be one of the most exciting and challenging poker tournaments of the season. Winners don't just get bragging rights and a huge pile of cash - they'll also get one of the best watches in the world.