HD3 Slyde Watch, Luxury Gadget or High-End Timepiece

Imagine adding great technology to a high-end Swiss watch. What comes out is a masterpiece that is every watch collector’s dream. The HD3 Slyde Watch is a luxury gadget. It is a high-end timepiece. It is also a great conversation piece. If you own and wear a HD3 Slyde Watch, you can be assured that everyone will notice it. It is one of the coolest watches ever made. It surely is different, and definitely takes watchmaking to a new level. This luxury watch consists of a special, personalized touch screen display that can respond to several commands. The stunning digital display and the high-end craftsmanship offer you a timepiece that is immortal in terms of style, uniqueness and functionality. HD3 Slyde Watch Black Titanium The engineers and professionals at HD3 spent hundreds of hours over a span of three years to develop the HD3 Slyde Watch. The engineers had the expertise and knowledge of working with complex mechanical devices involved in watchmaking. However, they were not used to the computer and digital interface technology. This helped them perceive watchmaking from a completely new perspective, and the new product is pretty impressive. The microcontroller in the watch is capable of processing hundreds of images per second. This will allow you to effortlessly move from one screen to another. Each screen offers a different functionality such as world time, countdown time, moon phase indicator, and a specialized calendar that allows you to link pictures with the calendar data. It is almost like a smart phone. You can spend a lot of time playing around with your designer watch. It surely is fun. HD3 Slyde Watch Black Titanium The HD3 Slyde watch is easy to use as well. The screen is activated by a simple tap on the surface of the watch. You can then have access to a variety of screens. Although some critics argue that the watch goes beyond the basic function of a watch and is unnecessary, no one can deny that it is a fun gadget. The company plans to add new movements, functionalities and designs to the watch. The current model is covered with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal for durability. The watch comes in two different variations - stainless steel and titanium. The PVD black segments of the watch may also vary. Your version may have 18 karat rose gold trim or the steel one with diamonds on its lugs. HD3 Slyde Watch Black Titanium The case of the HD3 Slyde watch is extremely sturdy as well. The width is about 48mm and length is about 58mm long. There are no buttons on the case. The five little lights on its right side indicate the activated screen as well as charging. The 3.8V lithium polymer battery can run up to two weeks, and can be charged using your computer via USB cable charger. The basic version retails for $6,895, while the one with diamonds retails for about $19,595.