Blacked-Out Big Bang GMT Hublot Introduced For Designer Yohji Yamamoto

Stepping Out In Style

Hublot needs no introduction and while making spectacular timepieces, they also never disappoint with the limited edition watches that always represent someone who also is a trendsetter.  This newest limited edition piece is the Blacked-Out Big Bang GMT created for Designer Yohji Yamamoto and was designed to celebrate the grand opening of the new brand flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo.  Teaming up with the famous Japanese designer the pair wanted to craft a timepiece that captured Yamamoto splitting time between the Paris and Tokyo office.  The watch provides the ability to display both time zones at once and embrace the designer’s signature all-black aesthetic. While the collection is one of the brands more overlooked group, it now is gaining the attention it deserves.

Hublot Blacked-Out Big Bang GMT

 Classic Black

The watch is housed in a black case, crafted from micro-blasted black ceramic, and then set with black hands and black dial showcasing a sapphire crystal that is made from smoked sapphire. Yamamoto’s signature in black is displayed at six o’clock, and the timepiece is completed with a black rubber strap.  Hublot produces some amazing collaboration models, but micro-blasting ceramic is a very complex process and not done by many luxury designers.  The Japanese icon is acclaimed for his work in fashion and recognized around the globe for his monochromatic designs.  There are some that feel the design is not as flamboyant as expected, but it is a reflection of the designer and the horological brilliance of Hublot.

Hublot Blacked-Out Big Bang GMT

Never-Ending Elegance

The design of this new timepiece seems like it took a page out of the Batman movie, as the look would seem to fit right in on the cockpit of the batmobile.  The Blacked-Out Big Bang GMT is a super-matte, skeletonized creation that is right at home on the wrist of Designer Yohji Yamamoto.  Putting aesthetics aside, the functionality of the watch is unique and brilliant.  The HUB1251 movement is responsible for the display of the two time zones and enables the wearer to have the ability to jump the hour hand backward or forward in single hour increments.  Taking the brand design for the HUB1242 and removing parts, replacing with a proprietary module and recreating this masterpiece utilizing a skeletonized AM/PM indicator to more or less guide things.  It is the never ending elegance that we expect for Hublot and executed with precision and presence that the world loves.  Fashion and timepieces blend together and once again prove that black goes with everything.