Hublot And Ferrari Team Up To Present The Big Bang Ferarri Watches

Any watchmaker that would be considered the official watchmaker to the Ferrari Company, is a craftsman that requires precision and innovation. The makers of Ferrari automobiles pride themselves on creating works of art that move with grace and precision. Hublot is the official watchmaker to Ferrari, and the new Big Bang Ferrari line shows that the watchmaker also knows how to move with grace and precision.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Ceramic Watch with Black Strap

Both Ferrari and Hublot did their new product reveals at the 2012 Ferrari Racing Days held in September. The Ferraris that were rolled out impressed everyone in the crowd. Not long after the cars had their moment, the Big Bang collection was presented, and they created just as much of a stir as the cars.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Red Magic Carbon Watch with Red Strap

The watches have a titanium shell with a sapphire crystal cover for maximum durability. To offer versatility, this line of luxury watches comes with interchangeable straps that present the Ferrari colors proudly. The options are straps of black leather, black stitching and alcantara with red and black stitching. When placed side by side with the Ferrari cars, these timepieces look like they belong in the Ferrari family.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari King Gold Carbon Watch with Black Strap

The power reserve is 72 hours, which is another trademark of Hublot technology. There are two primary models of the Big Bang Ferrari watches with the primary difference being the look of the bezel. One bezel is polished gold with black resin offsetting it, and the other model is polished titanium offset by more titanium. As is the custom with this watchmaker`s timepieces, the face is transparent so that you can see the inner-workings of the watch and monitor the precision of its operation. This model is also water resistant to 100 meters, which makes it as durable as it is interesting.

The self-winding chronograph is a function that helps to maintain the accuracy of the timepiece while giving you complete functionality. As with the Ferrari cars, there is no wasted space on these watches. The face is detailed with hours, minutes and seconds indicators to go along with the sub-dial. It has the hard and intense look of the new model of Ferrari cars, but it also has that level of luxury that you get with all timepieces by this watchmaker. It is a limited edition with only 1000 in production, so get yours before these are no longer available and the opportunity has passed you by.