Hublot Big Bang MP 11 Saxem

SAXEM Sensational 

Hublot has delivered many amazing timepieces but they never cease to look for innovative and creative designs.  The new Big Bang MP 11 Saxem is quite an impressive timepiece, crafted from a bright green material, SAXEM, a acronym of “Sapphire Aluminum Oxide and rare Earth Mineral”.  The material has never been used before for watchmaking, but has been used in high-tech applications, like satellites.  The combination aluminum oxide, the basic component of sapphire, with rare earth elements like thulium and holmium create this hard, brilliant and completely transparent material that the brand crafted into this creative case. The green color is the same no matter how you look at the case, and extremely even in colorization at every angle.  

Impressive Inside and Out

The case certainly makes one green with envy, and quite a beautiful way to house the HUB9011 movement.  The in-house skeletonized caliber comes equipped with seven barrels mounted in series, providing a 14-day power reserve and displayed by a white on black roller. The brand trademark “Art of Fusion” is a reference to how Hublot does a magnificent job of combining classic and state-of-the-art materials with their innovative and forward thinking watches.  The 45 mm case is striking, featuring a bezel adorned with six H-shaped polished and microblasted black titanium screws, and topped with a black titanium crown with rubber inserts.  Finishing off this masterpiece is a black rubber strap, and black-plated appliques that glow with green luminescence.

Timeless And Limited

Hublot Big Bang MP 11 Saxem is limited to 20 pieces.  This design was created to be a small release for several reasons.  The material is difficult to machine, because of the nature of the material accuracy is hard.  The level of workmanship, coupled with the material brings a large six figure price tag to this timepiece, also making it difficult for large numbers of buyers.  Because the timepiece is non-metal it might not be a choice for many, but this one is really quite a keeper.  Green is bright, and provides the go signal for those lucky folks who can get their hands on one of these spectacular timepieces.  So don’t envy those who have one, let them be envious of you.