Hublot Big Bang Unico 42mm Watch

Hublot, a brand with unprecedented success, has redesigned one of the favorites, the Big Bang watch with the Unico manufacture movement, now on a smaller scale, 42mm, but with the same giant brilliance. The movement is the motor that drives and defines the brand, developed totally inhouse, and now with the further development taking it to a new level. These new proportions open a new door for the future and truly an iconic moment for the brand.

The chronograph that introduced this movement in 2013 was designed and developed by the brand engineers, micro-mechanics and watchmakers in house and truly changed the industry. Taking this flyback chronograph and allowing it to be reset at anytime, a first, and even more outstanding was the double clutch mechanism and column wheel, visible from the dial side and having a removeable platform escapement. Then only five years later those same watchmakers reworking the structure and providing an all new movement that is not only slimmer but perfection in every way.

This caliber 1280, just like the big brother maintained the double clutch and column wheel visibiity from the dial side. However, by removing the platform escapement and designing the new slim self-winding system made it signficantly thinner without sacrificing any precision. The Hublot Big Bang Unico 42mm timepiece was built on the same foundation, being stylish, reliable and displaying exquisite architecture. The wearer’s view is now as breathtaking as standing atop the Eiffle Tower. Technical prowress initiated four different patents, including the adjustable ball-bearing chronograph friction system and the oscillating seconds clutch. The amazing part of this new timepiece is that the components actually increased from 330 to 354 despite the thinner design. Sporting a 72 hour power reserve, this version can be worn by men and women and so the unisex timepiece is born.

The offering of the Hublot Big Bang Unico 42mm timepiece in Titanium, Ceramic, and King Gold just allows the signature piece to find its way to more wrists than ever. The dramatic style of the timepiece, coupled with the elegance and ease it expresses brings a allure that feeds a hungry soul. The question now that we know the brand can shrink brilliance into this perfect package is how small can they go? Certainly this size is striking on the wrist, and can be worn by both sexes, but is is possible to improve yet again on perfection?