Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf Carbon Blue Watch

New and Blue

The first mechanical golf watch debuted in 2017 and now Hublot has announced some stunning updates in the new released Big Bang Unico Golf Carbon Blue Watch. Together with Dustin Johnson, this new timepiece is crafted in a spectacular carbon blue finish, which is complementing the crisp white look of the original model. So moody blue is comfortable, and a great addition to your golf game.

Light ‘n Flight

The brand wanted to create a exquisite timepiece that was also functional for the user on the golf course. The design has been crafted from Taxalium, an ultralight and yet extremely strong material that was created by Hublot. The material is a combination of fiberglass and aluminum topped with a very thin layer of carbon. This amazing material takes 100 grams out of the weight of the watch, resulting in a light as a feather feel on the wrist.

Score A Hole In One

The Big Bang Unico Golf Carbon Blue Watch is featured in a very delicate 45mm case, equipped with the MHUB158 movement that provides over 72 hour power reserve, and three pushers sitting at 2, 4, and 8 o’clock, allowing the golfers to keep their scores perfectly. The first one counts the shots, and the hole number is displayed at 9 o’clock through an aperture. At 4 o’clock the hole is recorded, and advances to the next while resetting the shot counter at 3 o’clock. The total score is recorded and seen through a window at 6 o’clock while the final pusher, the one at 8 o’clock is used to reset all counters to zero at the end of each round. If you have a concern that you might depress the pusher accidentally, have no fear, Hublot installed a safety mechanism that prevents a clumsy mistake. In order for pressure to be applied to the pusher, you have to turn it 45 degrees to unlock it. A smart move for the brand, a winning move for the user.


The Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf Carbon Blue Watch is elegant, fun, and certainly a timepiece that any avid golfer would cherish. So if you are looking to score with your significant other, you should stay the course and get your hands on one of these amazing watches. Don’t miss the mark, get on the ball!