Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium Automatic

Merge Traditional and Modern

Hublot has always taken a challenge to design and create masterpieces that merge differences.  Those differences can be materials, design ideas, modern and traditional workmanship, and other combinations that feature a fusion of opposites.  The Classic Fusion Titanium Automatic is a timepiece that gained inspiration from the brand’s historical models, joined that with the overall brand philosophy of creating unique pieces, and still managed to capture the modern elegance and appeal for women and men.  Being able to blend such exquisite characteristics and deliver brilliance is what this brand continues to do.

Designed With Character

Certainly the titanium element of this timepiece puts it in a more modern category than other metals, but it also brings such beauty to this design.  The combination of luxury and overall functionality is suburb.  Designed with a exquisite black dial, two symmetrical totalizers and finished with a crocodile leather or black rubber band, and steel folding clasp.  The Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium Automatic features cases in various sizes, from 33mm to 45mm and the HUB 1112 automatic movement.  The simplicity of the original classic is what provided the foundation for all the new designs, and how keeping your roots strong allows you to grow such beauty in your offspring.  Never stray from what you do well, because that heritage is where the quality and reliability lie.  The brand knows what makes them respected and holds that dear as they continue to progress in all areas of design perfection.

Fusion Fever

The brand fusion is a extension of the creativity in every timepiece.  The designers think outside the box with each unlikely match.  From fabrics to ceramics, leather to a variety of metal alloys, every element allows those designers to open the door to new creativity.  The unique pieces that have evolved from this brand continue to push Swiss horological boundaries.  But while the Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium Automatic might be a modern design for the brand, the traditional aspects, the intricate workmanship and of course the brilliant design are true to the history of the Classic line.  The aesthetic  design of these timepieces has adapted through the years but always pushing the envelope and keeping the customer in the forefront.  This masterful timepiece is one that captures the heart of the brand and the passion that fuels their designs for the future of fusion.