Hublot King Power Dwayne Wade

Swiss watchmaker Hublot is notorious for creating timepieces that combine the elegance of a Swiss-made watch with a sleek, shiny, contemporary design. In addition to the contemporary design, Hublot is always known for creating timepieces that honor and signify some of the most popular sports teams and figures. Just last year, Hublot designed a watch to represent England`s Manchester United. The watch was inspired by the highly popular soccer team and used to mark the official partnership between the team and Hublot. This year it is the basketball world`s turn, as fans eagerly await the Hublot King Power Dwayne Wade timepiece.

In 2011, Hublot announced that it was making basketball legend Dwayne Wade an official spokesperson for Hublot Watches. The official partnership allows the Swiss watchmaker to make a limited edition timepiece that commemorates the partnership. The Hublot King Power Dwayne Wade timepiece will be limited to only 500 lucky customers, and will retail at $27,000. The design of the timepiece will feature a contemporary basketball design that showcases the best of Dwayne Wade.

HD3 Complication Black Pearl watch

Dwayne Wade personally worked to design the timepiece. The collaborative effort between the basketball legend and watchmaker turned out a timepiece that is both sporty and luxurious. The centerpiece of the Hublot King Power Dwayne Wade timepiece is the signature jersey number on the logo and the watch face. The number 3, which has been Dwayne Wade`s official jersey number for years, is featured in the right small dial. The number 3 is also used as the 3 on the watch`s marker, making it easy to tell the time no matter how far away the watch is from you. The basketball influence doesn`t stop there. In addition to the jersey number, the leather watchband features a design that is inspired by basketball netting and looks as if the net was stitched directly onto the watch.

HD3 Complication Black Pearl watch

Other influences inspired by the design that Dwayne Wade submitted appear on the watch. For example, the black, white and red coloring is to honor his basketball team The Miami Heat. Another example of the basketball legend appears in the watch face, where it appears as if a basketball has been silhouetted onto the watch face. The Hublot King Power Dwayne Wade limited edition timepiece also features the best characteristics of Hublot timepieces. There is the combination leather and rubber strap, automatic movements, and a 48mm black ceramic case. This limited edition timepiece is handcrafted just like all the other Hublot timepieces.