Hublot King Power Los Angeles Lakers Limited Edition Watch

Hublot is always surprising the world with amazing timepieces, the Kobe Bryant collaboration with the “Black Mamba” last year, and the recent release of a Dallas Cowboys limited edition timepiece set, this latest release captures the entire team with the new King Power Low Angeles Lakers Limited Edition Watch. Launching these luxury sport watches has made a mark on the horological world, and delivered these artistic beauties.

This newest timepiece is designed with the signature yellow and purple color way is a great match up to the blacked out high tech brand aesthetic. Featuring the collection 48mm case in carbon fiber, with a black micro blasted ceramic and titanium bezel. Using the team logo and colors, the skeleton dial gives way to the HUB 4228 automatic chronograph movement, whose counter goes up to 48 minutes, the exact length of the NBA games. The team logo is also emblazoned on the sapphire caseback.

Hublot King Power Los Angeles Lakers Limited Edition Watch

Hublot never does anything halfway, so it is not at all shocking that the most notable feature of the King Power Los Angeles Lakers Limited Edition watch is the striking yellow strap. Designed with gummy rubber, the strap is created with yellow fabric from an authentic team jersey stitched onto it. If you are a little more classic, the watch also comes equipped with a second gummy black alligator strap that is crafted with the team color stitching.

Hublot King Power Los Angeles Lakers Limited Edition Watch

With 16 NBA titles under their belt the team is the most successful in the league and also extremely popular around the globe. Fusing the mix of celebrities, fashion, basketball, and luxury to deliver total excitement, this timepiece equals the magic. The brand became the official timekeeper for the team in January 2013 and started this collection with the Kobe Bryant pieces.

Hublot has taken the lead in bringing the world of sports with the 'Art of Fusion', so together this partnership could breathe life into every timepiece within this collection. Designed with sport, sophistication, luxury and masculinity, the King Power LA Lakers watch is limited to 50 pieces and features four timezones. You do not have to be a basketball fan to appreciate victory, and you do not have to be a horological lover to appreciate quality and precision, you simply have to value brilliant timepiece construction and artistic masterpieces.

You never know what the brand will design next, but with such a wide array of sports for them to choose from, anything is possible. Collectors will definitely want one of these creations and they are going to be something to value, for both the significance of the team, and the prestige of the brand.