Royal Hublot

We have long been accustomed that usually the history of famous brand starts as a favorite fairy tale, with the words: "Many, many years ago ...". Hublot watch manufacture was the happy exception: its history began only in 1980. But just for 33 years this brand managed to gain international fame, becoming the legislator fashion watch and enter the top of the most expensive timepieces in the world. Avant-garde design and the royal luxury intertwined Hublot watches, surprising with its uniqueness and harmony. 

Hublot is taking an active part in public life and cooperates with sports clubs, performing the official timekeeper. Hublot watches are popular in royal families and celebrities. Translated from the French «hublot» means "window." This is probably determined the obvious similarity of the first men's watches Hublot porthole with the ship. The model was named "Carlo Crocco" in honor of the founder of manufactory, and it was made from polished and matte gold. The similarity with porthole she gave bezel (ring around the dial), bolted to the body by 12 screws. However, the main distinguishing feature of the new watch became the rubber strap. Expensive watches has always been associated with leather rare and precious metals. The rubber material is very cheap and no one expected to see the rubber strap on the watch of premium class. Also there is a surprising quality of the rubber  - it recovers soon from the frequent contact with the skin.

The popularity of the new watch brought the same as to the Homburg hat - namely, the attention of the British royal family. Following the monarchs high society rightly decided that the rubber look really unique and fresh, also very unusual. And the beginning of Hublot brand took confident position in the watch market.

First of all it is worth noting the emergence in 1982 diving watch series Classic Diver. Here, the "sporty" rubber strap is no surprise. And here is water resistant to a depth of 300 meters attracted attention. The resounding success of time at home was the presentation of the 2005 watches Hublot Big Bang to watch exhibition in Basel. This model has received immense popularity, collecting almost all the prizes of international exhibitions time. In particular, watch Hublot Big Bang became "the best sports watches of a year." Sports Hublot watches are famous for sophisticated timepiece movements and unusual design. If you want to emphasize or create your unique style, Hublot wil definitely help you with this.

In the wake of its success watch manufactures did not forget about the beautiful half of humanity. In 2008 the first ladies watches Hublot Big Bang in white was produced. In the same year sales of Hublot watches come at a record high level. Surely women have something to do with it.

Many watch brands are closely monitoring the global sporting event and try to somehow participate in them. Hublot did not become an exception here, becoming the official timekeeper of the European Football Championship in 2008. Then the referees had made a special watch models tailored to the length of the match.

Later, Hublot also received the status of "official FIFA watch» and the "Official Timekeeper" 2014 FIFA World Cup and also 2018 and to finally gain a foothold in the sports positions became official watchmaker of Formula 1. On this occasion, a special model was developed by F1 ™ King with a transparent body through which one can follow the work of the movement. Recall that all this happened just for 33 years of company existence. It is scary to imagine what Hublot is going to achieve in the future and what the reviews would be, when the brand will be at least 100 years.