IWC welcomes New Brand Ambassador Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton

IWC welcomes new brand ambassador Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton from the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team. The Swiss brand became an official engineering partner to the team earlier this year. While the partnership has shared a special agreement since 2004, it was a venture between two companies with successful history of precision engineering and a shared commitment of pushing boundaries for high technology and mechanics.

The appointment of the brand and latest partnership just confirms the dedication to each other and continued quest for excellence. The brand commented on the appointment of the driver, saying that he works to push himself to top performance, get the most out of his car, and truly represents all that the brand hopes to inspire. Becoming friends with this driver is an honor and means we shall all continue our quest for perfection.

IWC welcomes New Brand Ambassador Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton

As the IWC welcomes Lewis Hamilton as the new brand ambassador, this reflects on the qualities they share, looking always for ways to improve, striving for unique designs, working for technical and mechanical brilliance, and never giving up on improvement. The driver, in addition to being the best at his job, is also a aficionado of quality watchmaking and respects the similarities between his profession and that of the brand.

Unique and high-performance are two characteristics the pair share, but there is more to the brand timepieces than looks and masterful mechanics. The brand timepieces are state-of-the-art technology, but crafted from a passion and drive that is fueled by emotions that run deep from the heart of each of the six families that are the very foundation of this company's long history.

The IWC can expect great things from the new partnership and they are no strangers to the spotlight. As the Formula One travels from one venue to another the team behind the scenes works meticulously to make sure everything runs with precision and predictability. Just like the brand team works on each timepiece to insure the reliability and quality is just as precise. The pride that results from such success is shared by each of these teams, continuing to drive innovation, and the pioneering spirit that reflects in every creation.

The success of both of these teams is very clear, both are respected around the globe for their products and service, and the constant force that pushes and propels them forward to be the champions they are. So as the brand reputation continues to grow, the 140 years of historical manufacturing will gain inspiration from the world of racing, materials used in motorsport, carbon fibre, ceramic, titanium and more, helping to create a new design line, one that will forge the future of both.