Jaeger-LeCoultre Offers Three New Hybris Artistica Versions Of The Spherotourbillon Watch

The world of watchmaking has always been competitive and introduces so many wonderful choices for amazing timepieces. However, standing above the rest is the latest collection from Jaeger-LeCoultre, offering three new Hybris Artistica Versions of the Spherotourbillon watch. The real basis for these spectacular pieces is that this brand is one of the few true horological manufacturers that does extensive in-house production on almost every aspect of watchmaking.

The brand showcases around 1300 different movement and holds 350 patents. While they do supply a number of Swiss watchmakers, they have under their roof skilled craftsman who possess and practice over 180 talents. This latest collection is a testament to the artistic abilities and features the skills of these experts, while also breathing new life into the brands most iconic timepieces.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Offers Three New Hybris Artistica Versions Of The Spherotourbillon Watch

Displaying these proprietary manufacturing abilities at Jaeger-LeCoultre is important to the brand, as they try to send a very important message not only on their quality and design brilliance but also to pay tribute to these artisans and their crafts. The creative nature of these timepieces is breathtaking and utilizes extremely rare materials, novel dial designs, extraordinary enameled cases, handcrafted marquetry, jeweled and diamond set dials, as well as skeletonized movements.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Offers Three New Hybris Artistica Versions Of The Spherotourbillon Watch

These timepieces in the new Hybris Artistica Version of the Spherotourbillon Watch collection offer something for everyone, from the 18k white gold dial that is elegant and eyecatching, to the clever bezel omission which allows the domed sapphire crystal to be installed on the case. Another of these timepieces has a beautiful sky colored dial, using a material called paillonne enamel, which is used also on the bezel and some parts of the case.

Enameling is an exquisite art, and as in the case of the paillonne enamel the blue is crafted with tiny motifs, chips of silver that are actually shaved from a block of silver. These shavings are added to the enamel when it is in liquid form and then brought to the surface and polished in just the right manner. Jaeger-LeCoultre has also introduced the third piece in this collection and this time it is a pocket watch. A combination of white gold and of course hand chiseled perfection.

Each of these masterpieces would be welcome by a collector, and they all have attributes that make them unique and spectacular in their own right. No matter what occasion you might be looking to wear one of these beauties, one of these is a sure fit, on your wrist or in your pocket.