Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod Prime Watch

A timepiece that has been described as one of the most interesting pieces in the world has been crafted and created by the only high-end watchmaker in Russia. Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod Prime is such a remarkable timepiece, made entirely in Russia, manufactured in Moscow. Amazing as it may seem, the creator of this masterpiece comes from a scientific background and has no training in watchmaking or horological design.

Luxury watchmaking requires so much in terms of exquisite unique design, and brilliant technological excellence, but to do all this in a region of the world far from Swiss watch making tradition makes it even more astounding. The Russian craftsmanship is very unique in that it is mainly self-taught and strays from classic watchmaking methods. The brand creates their own path for crafting timepieces; they are not good at following directions.

Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod Prime Watch

The Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod Prime watch captures the essence of old-world Russia; it exemplifies majestic design, and historical prestige. Moscow provides inspiration for the brand, the architecture, the imperial royalty of a country full of amazing inspiration. The brand timepieces were on the wrist of Soviet astronauts for a moon landing, and now find themselves on the wrist of collectors and watch lovers around the globe.

Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod Prime Watch

The movements are a brand mixture, and each one has been unique, with no two pieces being the same. From classic designs to modern luxury creations, the one thing that holds true for each piece is they are all slightly clever in their overall appearance. The complicated nature of the designs and movements is the limiting factor for the brand, and why each collection is very small in their production quantities.

This model features the only movement in the world that utilizes a natural material as a key functional element within the design. The Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod Prime Watch has a South Seas pearl sitting in the position portraying the Earth's satellite. The gem is placed at the center of the dial and a silver half-sphere revolves around it.

At the very heart of this piece sits a tiny moon crafted from wootz steel, a material that because of its strength is used to make swords and daggers. The structure of the steel resembles the moon's surface, full of craters and dimples. The indicator on the timepiece that reflects the moon-phase is manufactured in silver covered with black rhodium.

As the moon phases change, so does the timepiece, using a cover that retracts from the pearl to reflect these changes. The movement is a manual wind, featuring a 48 hour power reserve and 346 parts. Covering the dial is a sapphire crystal that allows full disclosure for the movement. With 50mm the timepiece is large and wide, but fits nicely on the wrist thanks to the thin case and curvature of the design. Impressive and breathtaking in its beauty, the limited edition will be produced with 10 pieces and certainly will be a collectors dream.