Louis Vuitton Writing Universe

A world leading fashion house has delivered an essence of luxury, a personalized collection of Louis Vuitton writing instruments. A brilliant expression created through combinations of color, texture and materials. The collection showers writing enthusiasts with twelve ink colors, six notepad calf notebooks, thirteen alligator colors and the option for pen personalization. Innovative excellence is a path for the brand, one that clearly reflects research, development, and delivery. The journey that the brand has taken into the world of stationery and other writing instruments was driven by a family history in the love of writing. Devoted to reading and writing, father, grandfather and grandson all shared the same passion. Gaston-Louis Vuitton developed a collection of books, a personal library, bookplate and publications that he would share with future generations. Louis Vuitton Writing Universe This passion was also fueled by a love of typography, and led the founder to create two bibliophile societies, a tradition that the family still perpetuates today. As the inherited passion passed through the generations, the brand developed the Louis Vuitton fountain pens, ballpoints, and rollerball pens. Louis Vuitton Writing Universe so other paper lovers could enjoy the finest in writing products. Always crafting unique and creative gifts, the brand has once again delivered a platform for poetry, modern genius, and total sophistication with the writing universe. Holding exclusive patents for the writing instruments, the personalization levels enhance the collectible nature of the products. Creating an art of correspondence, and coupling that with the magnificent house of Vuitton, the pleasure of writing is delivered with writing implements, exclusive inks, writing sets, collectors’ cases, crystal inkwells, trunks and collections of stationery. Historical enchantment, technological magic, the writing implements are crafted with an ingenious system that prevents leaks in extreme conditions, as well as manufactured with a precision that enables the pen to glide smoothly over the paper. Craftsmen, artists, clients and companions, all a perfect match for the passion that enfolds from this latest journey the brand has launched. A journey that allows written word to develop dreams, bring imagination to life, and allows all of us to travel into a world that opens new doors with every stroke of the pen. So open your mind, and let the journey begin.