Montblanc says: Carpe Diem

Often most of new stuff is just well forgotten old. This statement when meeting with the clock Montblanc Twin Moonphase Carpe Diem is only partly true. And we know why .

On the one hand, the appearance of the model Star Twin Moonphase Carpe Diem represents  classic watches. In this sense, Moonphase Carpe Diem by Montblanc were indeed used the old, time-tested stylistic features. They have been used for more than one century. And all classical, all gain greater value from year to year.

The dial is decorated with guilloche pattern, occupying most of the surface. The pattern is almost borders on the bezel to approach close to him does not allow the second scale. Golden label in the form of beautiful Arabic numerals, in the tone of his golden arrows. On the sign-pearl crown Montblanc. Above we see the dial sapphire glass, resembling a dome.

Watches on the hand quickly forgotten - the model is quite light, with moderate body diameter (42 mm) and a relatively small thickness (12 mm). Soft belt is made from alligator skin.

On the other hand, Montblanc Star Twin Moonphase Carpe Diem has a relatively new solution. It's time to look at the unusual calendar of moon phases.

Having the lunar calendar  in watches - is an event that's timeless sophistication and remains one of the most desirable for aesthetes. Star collection in recent years, pays a lot of attention and place calendars, so they pronounced on the dials. For the same reason, they are given a large part of the total surface of the dial, above the traditional lunar calendar is a calendar indicating the number. Montblanc watchmakers firms rushed even further: in the model of Star Twin Moonphase Carpe Diem is set calendar phases of the moon, showing the state of the satellite ground not only in the north but also in the southern hemisphere.

Lunar calendar for the northern and southern hemispheres can what the normal calendar phases of the moon can not. Standard (or single) lunar calendar shows the status of the moon is only in the northern hemisphere, which is logical, given the fact that the creation of the majority of watches is in the northern hemisphere. But the work of this calendar will not be the same in the northern and southern hemisphere, because when you are in the last phase of the Moon will be displayed as if in a mirror image. Double lunar calendar displays the correct phase of the moon when in any of the hemispheres. Pay attention to the silver pattern - engraved in the center of the lunar calendar. In form it resembles a mark of Montblanc.

Stable operation of such complexity can not exist without a quality mechanism. Kalibr MB 29.13 Automatic - the cornerstone of Montblanc Star Twin Moonphase Carpe Diem. Power reserve - 42 hours, the mechanism performs 28,800 vibrations per hour. From back with inset sapphire crystal all 25 gems to see fail, part hidden from in the depths of the caliber.

The saying «Carpe Diem» in the title of the Montblanc watch used by chance. Live in the present, enjoy every second of it turns out, not all. But some things can bring a person to this state. We sincerely believe that a good watch can teach a lot of people to appreciate the time. This is the purpose of Montblanc Star Twin Moonphase Carpe Diem. These watches have all the best from the old. And a little bit of the new.

Despite the fact that the market Montblanc watch was established quite recently, in 1997 the company became famous for the production of comfortable high quality sports watches. Montblanc watches prices are less than other luxury watches, however, they have the luxury product brand appearance and impeccable quality.