SIHH-2016: Montblanc A Blue Riband

A Montblanc brand, named after the highest peak in Europe and known as the best producer of luxury stationery, for many years sought to take an equally prominent place among manufacturers of watches.

The history of this world famous brand began more than a hundred years ago, when in 1906 the merchant stationer Claus Johannes Voss, engineer August Ebershteyn and businessman Alfred Neemias decided to make a quill pen in Berlin. Their minimum program was to create a design is not worse than the American Parker. The maximum program automatically implied famous German pedantry: the production technology and precision fit of all parts, and thoroughness of manual assembly should be of the highest quality. The company was named "Simplo Filler Pen Company", and the handle, which it has begun to produce, in terms of engineering solutions and advanced technologies has become for Europe at that time revelation.

However Montblanc differs from its related brands that today are sold under this brand is not only a pen, through which a small German company just a few years has gone from total obscurity to fame. Now Montblanc are graceful writing accessories, luxury leather goods (bags, diaries), jewelry, eyewear, watches and key chains. Montblanc has become a supplier of exclusive products accurately reflect today's requirements for quality design, craftsmanship and the best traditions of this art. Each product is a Montblanc, created over the years, is the embodiment of these values. From classic Meisterstuck fountain pen to desk accessories, hand-made fine leather, jewelry and watch collections - they are the result of the traditional craftsmanship of the highest Montblanc, which gives a sense of eternity of their respective owners.

This year Montblanc celebrates the 110th anniversary of the installation of an unofficial record of speed in the race boat Blue Riband in 1800, the year across the Atlantic from east to west against the strong Gulf Stream. In 2016, the new collection 4810 is filled with symbolism, which brings us back to that bygone era to the dawn of commercial aviation.

Until now ExoTourbillon model has always been presented with complications chronograph, but these watches are equipped with a new caliber MB 29.21 a car factory and convenient stop function second hand «stop-second». Due to the key idea ExoTourbillon, the essence of which division cage and balance wheel, the effect of «stop-second» mechanism is carried out directly on the balancing mechanism and thus allows you to calibrate the time to within seconds and immediately restart the clock mechanism.

Epoch Blue Riband precedes the era of wrist watches, so it is not surprising that this Montblanc collection released its first pocket watch. The new Montblanc watches 4810 Orbis Terrarum Pocket Watch 110 Years Edition reminiscent of the successful wristwatch model Orbis Terrarum, presented at the SIHH show last year, with its visually appealing world time function with the central part of the world map with a surface plate, the "shadow" which shows the border between day and night around the world - the ideal choice for businessmen and travelers. After the owner sets his hometown in the 6 o'clock position with the button between 5 and 6 hours and correct the time using the crown inside the arch near the 12 hours can be tracked all the time 24 main time zones of the planet.

Unlike most modern pocket watches, which are made of precious metals, building Montblanc 4810 Orbis Terrarum Pocket Watch diameter 53 mm is made in the style of Lepine made of stainless steel and is fitted with a silver chain pocket as a reminder of the ship's rope, thereby completing the set of maritime analogies. However, the description is only 110 units of this unique model.