Montegrappa Icons Elvis Presley Pens Collection

Montegrappa is celebrating the life of Elvis Presley through their Icons series. The brand has developed four pen models to pay tribute to several important phases in his career, from 1956 to 1977. Each piece is an elegant addition, and a remarkable masterpiece. Marking the legendary period with significant colors, each pen possesses a resin body in a specific color representative of that era. The fountain pens are cartridge/converter fill and the 18 kt gold nibs are engraved with the full-height profile of Elvis at the microphone. Accompanying each pen is a CD of Elvis's Greatest Hits. Aqua is the color that was chosen to represent the 1950's, a popular color during the period found on two-tone automobiles and electric guitars. The pocket clip showcases a period jukebox. 1956 was a high point for the king of rock and roll. Montegrappa Icons Elvis Presley Pens Collection Green is the hue of 1958, the year he was drafted into the US Army. Representing the uniform Elvis wore, the pocket clip features stripes reminiscent of his rank of sergeant. Black was chosen to mark the year 1968, the comeback year, the famous black leather outfit, and of course the pocket clip a semblance of the zipper on the jacket. The bottom of the barrel is decorated by other details of the black leather attire. Montegrappa Icons Elvis Presley Pens Collection The selection of the color White represented 1973, the ‘Aloha from Hawaii' broadcast, the Las Vegas appearances, and the signature jumpsuits adorned with gemstone accents. The pen has been set with stones on the cap, and the pocket clip reflects an Elvis message to all his friends, TCB meaning Taking Care of Business. Montegrappa is producing 500 fountain pens, and 500 roller balls of each color, and somewhere around 950 ball point pens of each color. The gold edition will only issue 11 fountain pens, 11 roller balls, and 11 ballpoint pens, a total of only 33, on some and 14 of each, 44 total on others. The four colors were distinguished for the Million Dollar Quartet, including Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. The Montegrappa Icons Elvis Presley Pens Collection is truly a fitting tribute to the king of rock and roll. Each pen represents such excellent periods for the legend, memorializing in beautiful artistic form familiar aspects of his life. These collectibles are the same brand quality as other icon series, exquisite and refined crafting, affordable and fun for anyone.