Luminor Marina Fibratech 44 PAMO-1663 by Panerai Debuts New Fiber Material



In 1860 when Giovanni Panerai opened his watchmaker shop in Florence he had a shop a workshop and a watchmaking school. The history of the brand started here, and through the years the excellence has continued.  Always innovating, and striving for a goal of bringing the best to the world, the brand has delivered unique and leading edge to the horological world. The Panerai Luminor Marina Fibratech 44 PAMO-1663 New Fiber Material is yet another example of the innovation this brand has created, and a very impressive step forward for the industry.



The latest research from Panerai has been to craft a low cost, ecologically friendly alternative to carbon-fibre composites. The new Luminor Marina Fibratech 44 mm PAMO-1663 now reflects that research and development and introduces the basalt-fibre composite case. The basalt-fibre composites are lightweight, fire-resistant, strong, biodegradable and very cost effective.  Because of the attributes of the material it is very attractive to automotive and aerospace industries. The brand of course has specific plans and ideas for their research which always brings the benefits to the customers. Using the new material in their watch creations is brilliant, and having a history with military timepieces helps them to always develop for a variety of industries as well as just common folks who love watches.



Theprocess for this new material is one that starts with basalt rock, the rock is ground up, melted down and then crafted into fibres. Similar to carbon-fibre composites, the basalt fibres are then combined with liquid polymer, baked in a specially high-pressure oven and then forming the composite material that is machined to the specific shape.  Panerai would say that the thin layers of the basalt fibres are used to create masterpieces like the Luminor Marina Fibratech 44 PAMO-1663.  The case and crown-lock bridge of the magnificent timepiece is an introduction to the material, while the bezel, crown and lever are crafted from carbon-fibre composite, sandwiched between a graded dark blue dial and a micro sandblasted titanium caseback, with the heart beats with the brand P.9010, featuring a three day power reserve and self-winding rotor. The case is exquisite, showcased with a two-tone appearance, created with the carbon-fibre composite several shades darker than the basalt-fibre.  The brand has coupled the composites with titanium for the case back and inner case, providing solid precision and perfection. As with all the timepieces the brand has developed since 1860 the foundation for quality has never wavered, and creation is still a forward process. So enjoy the steps and magic that Panerai brings with each new development.