Make Your Mark with the Omas Limited Edition Gentleman Seaman Fountain Pen

There are a precious few luxury fountain pen manufacturers that are able to get a significant amount of attention with their limited edition pens. One of the more successful luxury fountain pen manufacturers in the world is the company known as OMAS. From time to time, OMAS will introduce a pen that gets worldwide attention and brings in a significant amount of interest from people all over the world. OMAS has decided to honor the founder of the United States Navy, John Paul Jones, with OMAS limited edition fountain pen known as “Gentleman Seaman.” It not only captures a moment, but it also helps to portray that moment in pure elegance. Omas Limited Edition Gentleman Seaman Fountain Pen The first thing that strikes you about this pen is that it is made from sterling silver. The entire pen has been carved to represent some of the most famous moments in the career of John Paul Jones, and it is accented by a colorful fill to help make the various features stand out. When you look closely at this pen, you cannot help but notice the intricate work that has gone into making this one of the more unique luxury collector items of the year. With only 779 available to the public, you will need to act fast if you want one for yourself. Omas Limited Edition Gentleman Seaman Fountain Pen To give it the feel of a real Navy pen, the clip of the OMAS Gentleman Seaman has been forged to look like the bow of a ship similar to the kind that Jones himself would have commanded. The striking image on the cap of the pen is of John Paul Jones overseeing the hoisting of a flag on a Continental Navy ship. History tells us that Jones was the first seaman to raise the stars and stripes over any Continental vessel, and this pen helps to capture that moment. Omas Limited Edition Gentleman Seaman Fountain Pen Along the body of the pen is a famous image from John Paul Jones’ battle with the HMS Serapis at the battle of Scarborough. The cap also has the famous John Paul Jones battle cry “I have not yet begun to fight” inscribed along the top. The tip of this special pen is made from 18-carat gold and has a piston filling system. Everything about this pen is special, and the fact that only 779 of them are in production makes it even more treasured. If you are an American history buff, or you just appreciate fine craftsmanship, then this pen is the one for you. Omas Limited Edition Gentleman Seaman Fountain Pen