Limited Edition Pens by OMAS

Soul of Simoni

Armando Simoni was the founder and heart of OMAS Pens and believed that a pen was crafted to make writing a pleasurable event. A man who was both a technician and artist, combined his love to create luxury fountain pens. The foundation of the brand was built on quality and excellence, handcrafted beauty that would continue as the brand became a collectors dream. The brand kept their patent process secret and refused to sell. Below are three examples of exquisite perfection, pens that are filled with more than ink.  

The Russian Empire

One of the limited edition OMAS Pens was designed with images in relief capturing symbols representing the power and beauty from the Russian Empire. The pen is crafted from precious materials, black vegetal resin, enamel, vermeil and gold. The cap features two royal lions, a design that presented sovereignty not divided by luxury and beauty. The barrel has distinguished features of Roman culture, four medallions showing the patriotic war of 1812, a strength of military power, the shield of victory, and a mythological image. Each aspect of the pen set to a style blended together from Renaissance, to Baroque, each leaving a mark on history. The fountain pen was limited to 801 pieces in Vermeil and 48 pieces in 18k gold, each with significance, in 1801 Alexander 1 is elected first Emperor, and Alexander’s life 1777-1825. The greatness of the Roman Empire has risen again with each stroke of this beautiful masterpiece.  

Alexander Pushkin

Another quite unusual fountain pen crafted by OMAS is the Alexander Pushkin. Inspired by the evocative language and works of the man himself, this limited edition also held significance in the production numbers. Twenty-six fountain pens and twenty-six rollers represented the author’s date of birth, and designed in 18k gold, followed by 1000 fountain pens and 799 rollers done in sterling silver to represent his birth year. His face, and name can be found twice on the pen, the Cyrillic alphabet on one end, and in signature form on the body. Enhancing the patterns, but also signifying the complexity of the writers stories, the subtle gold and silver wires border the drawings. The scope of his work is reflected so much in the pen, capturing the warmth of the gold, and offset with a bright silver and a beauty of the enamel that capture emotion. Depicting the head of Pushkin on the top of the cap, a spectacular creation utilizing diamond engraving and a very symbolic goose feather on the clip. Quite the example of a signature piece OMAS masterfully detailed for this pen.  


This spectacular writing instrument showcases the expertise the brand possessed not only in design and balance, but in passion for creating a pen that could bring such pleasure to writing. The cap screws on to the pen knob and yet fits perfectly in the hand for ease of moving along the paper. This limited edition pen is only 40 pieces worldwide, and crafted from 18k yellow gold and Ziricote wood. Cohiba by OMAS partnered with Habanos, S.A to deliver a ruthenium version, allowing for a modern trim, adding a touch of light to the warm shade of the ziricote wood. This pen is an essence of the brand heart, just lifting the spirit of pleasure with each stroke.


OMAS brought joy to writing by providing instruments that delivered an experience. With each design an emotion was felt, a sensation that pulsed through the fingers and into the heart. The signatures of each pen, deliver a future that keeps the brand alive long after the doors have closed.