OMAS Paragon Pen

OMAS was founded in 1925 in Bologna. Creating a reputation of luxurious and beautiful fountain pens, they are known worldwide for the Arte Italiana series, featuring the Paragon series. Like a racy and fast Italian sports car, the OMAS pens are fine tuned, and fitted for the writer. The styling and superior workmanship of each OMAS Paragon Pen exceeds expectations and is why the established reputation is one of dependability and quality. Armando Simoni, the founder of OMAS, had a love of Greek culture and was a true artist and skilled technician. The Arte Italiana line is a unique classic design, twelve-sided and created with the utmost in elegance and beauty. OMAS officially stands for Officina Meccanica Armondo Simoni. As an internationally recognized company, a family company still today, as after Armando´s death in 1958 his daughter took his place and then in 1983 her son continued the leadership role. Belonging to the LVMH Group (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton), a French group that is known for selling high end luxury merchandise; OMAS is the only luxury pen company associated with the group. OMAS Paragon fountain pens As one of the world´s most recognized pen manufacturers, OMAS pens are known for classic perfection and timeless beauty in their designs. Of course OMAS has numerous collections and some limited edition pieces, but the company understands that pens are changing and while perfection is hard to improve upon, that is exactly what they plan to do. The Arte Italiana line being classic and very well loved, still needed updating. Allowing the collection to have a more modern look, the pens were made in a larger size and the redesign also incorporated the new OMAS logo and placement of the "O" icon at the top of the pen. The OMAS Paragon pen is a faceted pen, known for the Italian style and detailed craftsmanship. The pen is designed to represent a Doric column and the clip is slightly larger and more dynamic. The band reflects the OMAS logo and the Greek etching and simply the name The Paragon, Italy. The newer version can be purchased in sterling silber or gold plate depending on your preference. The OMAS Paragon pen is perfectly balanced and weighted so that it never tilts back in your hand. OMAS Paragon fountain pens Once you have the pleasure of writing with the OMAS Paragon pen or any others in the collection you will understand the experience and respect the elegance that you hold in your hand. An Omas pen, like the Paragon begins with a simple concept, and idea that is drawn and worked up in technical specifications. OMAS provides 3D computer drafts of the designs for review and understanding of what it will take to produce the design. Once the design is approved and a prototype is crafted, then production can begin. The production process allows for samples to be made and used for testing and if all is acceptable then full production can proceed. Sometimes the process can take up to a year, but hand crafting and quality workmanship take time and OMAS Paragon pens are certainly not the exception, they are the rule. OMAS Paragon fountain pens