Iconic Omega’s Model Planet Ocean Dive Watch


Dive In

One of the most recognized and admired watches of all time is the Omega Iconic Model Seamaster Planet Ocean Dive Watch. The timepiece is popular for many reason but one very important aspect that is loved is the fact it stands apart from the competition. Many brands have tried to copy the competition but not Omega. The brand has maintained individuality, stayed true to unique style and become a staple that fits perfectly for all folks. The timepiece was initially created as a luxury dive watch, and has always been well received by all horological lovers. In the beginning they were not designed as professional diving watches, just great watches with a water resistance feature. Today, those timepieces have become not only fashionable, but fit an active lifestyle, and work at ocean depths. The watch became an icon and launched the brand into other high-intensity activities like racing and diving, as well as other spots where reliability and precision were critical.


Dial P for Perfection

As the design for Omega’s Iconic Model Planet Ocean Dive Watch took formation it was important for durability and so the stainless steel case had to be solid, and well-made. The ceramic bezel was also quite striking and since the brand uses liquid metal in the design, it was critical that attention was given as to not damage the ceramic. The metal alloy has such a low melting point, and then can be pressed into the bezel notches, all with extreme perfection.  While most watches have the steel alloy, which is extremely hard, the liquid metal is harder and coupled with the ceramic bezel it results in a very hard and finely crafted piece. The perfecting of this remarkable timepiece has taken time, and certainly has changed with the development. The dial has everything anyone could need, and quite impressive with a perfect balance.  Adorned on the dial are the information markers, an empty space and iconic hands.  The double broad arrow hands not only define the timepiece with just the right sizing and two different colors of lume, the blue SuperLumiNova has been applied throughout, except the minute hand, and the bezel pip that are colored green. Omega also made sure the cardinal markers are quite a bit shorter than the others, allowing for a point of reference and making time easy to read.  The large Arabic numerals decorate the dial and provide symmetry for the date complication that sits at three o’clock. The layout is just magnificent in allowing readability.

007 Looks Are Everything

While looks are not everything it is nice to know that Omega provided exquisite beauty in the Iconic Model Planet Ocean Dive Watch as well as excellent reliability. With an easy to set date and finished with a famous bracelet that looks and wears well, there is little left to make this timepiece spectacular. The movement is also a major selling point, containing the brands own automatic Caliber 8500, distinctive and constructed with the greatest care.  The timepiece has to be water resistant to 600 meters and an easy to maintain watch for travel. The brand combines human labor and machines to allow for precision and excellence in every watch. The history of the brand might seem short, but certainly it has carved a place for the future. With the Omega Iconic Model Planet Ocean Dive Watch on the wrist of James Bond who would want to wear anything else.