Omega Speedmaster Moon Phase

This year, the Speedmaster collection was replenished with moon phases pointers watch. Interestingly, brand this feature is not applied so long ago that the canonical dial which has only chronograph counters was perceived as only possible for speedmasters and during the Basel exhibition, many looked at models of the Moon as a completely new product. However, these watches were issued repeatedly by Omega, the beginning and the story was laid already in the mid-1980s.

The first Speedmaster chronograph manual winding staffed the Lemania, which was used as an add-in module responsible for indication of the lunar phases. For the new watch company used a different mechanism - automatic Caliber 9904 coaxial escapement. It is a revised caliber 9300, which also added to the lunar phase module (in addition to this it has still dial date indicator). Like all the new arrangements the Omega, he is certified as a chronometer. In accordance with the new standard developed by the company together with the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), as evidenced by the Master Chronometer inscription on the dial.

Displays the moon phase is implemented as accurately as possible, the mechanism takes into account the fact that the lunar month is slightly more than 29.5 days. The need to adjust watch only occurs once in 10 years (provided with regular winding). The company has also made the image of the moon look the most realistic. Quality deposited on the disk image in high resolution is not inferior to images NASA, it is so detailed that it is possible to see the imprint of astronaut feet. However, the watch trail had to be increased, so that you can see.

The housing of the basic model, made in blue color and made from stainless steel. There are other versions: steel, steel bezel with gold, gold and platinum collection model body. The diameter of all single: 44.25 mm. For the manufacture of ceramic bezel is used, and the tachymeter scale on them are made of Liquid Metal Alloy. Headbands small dials are covered with rhodium. Model released a platinum edition of 57 copies and is notable for the fact that it is used to display the date is not a simple arrow, and the arrow with a microscopic magnifying glass.

And a bit of history will make no damage. The story of Omega started in 1848 in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, when its founder Louis Brandt aged 23 was hired by the company for the assembly and watches sale. This company remained his sons inherited. In January 1880, in connection with the expansion and the increase of the working staff, his two sons Louis-Paul and Cesar Brandt moved to a small factory in the city of Bienne / Biel, which still has its headquarters. With the introduction of the first production caliber Labrador and Gurzelen in 1895, the watch brand Omega has received unprecedented popularity.

December 16, 1983 Omega Museum in Biel / Bienne in Switzerland was opened in front of the headquarters, where you can find all the detailed history of the creation and development of this global brand. In 1995 it was presented the first automatic wristwatch with tourbillon, and 4 years later, in 1999, the watch manufacturer Omega made history by making the first serial clock enabled revolutionary "coaxial escapement", invented by English watchmaker George Daniels. According to many professionals, one of the most significant achievements of the time since the invention of the trigger, a Co-Axial Escapement, which operates with virtually no lubrication.