Signature of Omega

Omega Seamaster is a signature of Omega, the brand which associates with ambitions, strength and power. During one hundred fifty years this firm had earned many prestigious awards, had been chosen for Olympic Video Games as the official brand, and also happened to be chosen by NASA as a reliable time keeper. And also Omega Seamaster had become very beloved by James Bond, agent of the international arm of the British Secret Service who remained faithful to this timepiece for more than ten years and owns his life to Seamaster.

There are five main collections of Omega: De Ville, Specialities, Constellation, Seamaster and Speedmaster. Recently brand has celebrated 160th anniversary of Constellation collection. On this occasion the company Omega released a couple of new models. In this collection were used gold (pink or yellow) and diamonds.

For fans of active lifestyle and those who are into sports would be just perfect to choose watches from Seamaster and Speedmaster collections. These collections have incredible strength, high precision and functionality. For those who like water sports – yachting, boats, diving or swimming – have been specially created original timepieces Omega Seamaster. The only watch that could go to the moon (if you seriously thinking of going there) would be perfect Omega Speedmaster.

But let’s look closer on the legendary Seamaster collection. This one was made for men who love challenges and aren’t afraid of any difficulties, for those who experience the most exciting and thrilling moments. This watch is a favorite choice of many sportsmen. It has so many different curves and angles, but at the same time no sharp corners which make these timepieces completely comfortable and wearable. 

Let’s have a brief look through Omega Seamaster history:

1932: Omega introduces to the world the first water resistant watch called Omega Marine. This timepiece was water resistant to 13.5 atmospheres which equals to 135 meters and also was the first in the Seamaster collection. Omega Marine earned the best reviews and accolades from the most brave explorers of the ocean depths.

1948: the year when Omega Seamaster watch was produced. It was inspired by its predecessor Omega Marine, and its water resist abilities, as well as by the famous The 30 mm model, which was sold to the British army during the Second World War and earned the name of the most precise  and accurate wristwatch.

1962: a north American pilot and submariner, who told an exciting story about his crash on hydroplane which sank and after couple of days he had to dive at a 45 meter depth to look for some stuff which remained, but the only things this pilot discovered were underwater camera and his Omega Seamaster watch which started to run as if nothing bad had happened. And what is the most amazing about this story is that Omega Seamaster guaranteed waterproof for only 30 meters.

1981: a French guy named Jacques Mayol went on scuba diving without breathing equipment with Omega Seamaster on his wrist. He went on 101 meter deep and broke world’s record.

1995: a year of America’s Cup, where team New Zealand had won headed by Sir Peter Blake. It was the most popular and prestigious Match Race in sailing starting from 1851. Every member of crew was wearing the Omega Seamaster on their hands. And also we should add that Omega is the official timekeeper for the America's Cup 2000.

2000: unbelievable news, but for the second time in a row Sir Peter Blake and his crew from New Zealand win the America’s Cup, and of course their time kept by the Omega.