Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda Chronor Anniversaire

Parmigiani Fleurier Manufacture has released its first integrated chronograph. In other words, it is not established a modular mechanism for representing a base caliber with a superstructure, and a one-piece chronograph developed from scratch without any third-party add-ons. Integrated Chronograph - is not something incredible, experienced and familiar to all Valjoux 7750, it is an example of such a mechanism, but appreciating the work of masters, we should understand that the development and production of these things can draw it, not every competitor. Sam Michel Parmigiani had dreamed about this all the 20 years that have passed since the birth of his company until 2016, and finally, his dream came true.

However, the essence of what happened not only in the sentimental personal experiences of Mr. Parmigiani. For Vaucher Factory (which manufactures and sells mechanisms), is inextricably linked with Parmigiani Fleurier, the new chronograph is also of great value - caliber PF361 has a well-defined business perspective, it may be interesting for regular customers, and lead for a new brand operating "in suite" but using the services of providers not quite luxury.

The mechanism is highly interesting. First, it works with a high frequency of 36,000 pc / h. This was done in order to achieve greater accuracy, speed, but do not be discounted that this option displays it in a special segment where neighbors are just a few brands of gods, such as the Zenith with its legendary El Primero De Bethune or to Maxichrono watch. Secondly, PF361 is not normal, and the split-chronograph. Thirdly, it is not used horizontal engagement and more advanced vertical and a chronograph control corresponds to two column wheel. One allows you to start, stop and reset the chronograph proper arrows, arrow controls another split second. In addition to the chronograph there is also a large date display. Finally, in the near term, Parmigiani Fleurier intends to release a version of the automatic mechanism.

The company has invested a lot of effort, not only in the technical part, but also to seriously work on the aesthetic component of the gauge. Its composition is constructed so that the viewer's attention is focused on the pulsating balance wheel from which the skeletonized mechanism by ripples, if it does not balance, and fallen into the water drop. Bridges are made of gold and decorated with excellent: their surfaces are polished in relief, and the angles they are bevelled and polished. Interestingly, the balance wheel is held not a classic bridge and cross (this design provides the best protection against shocks).

The collection includes four versions Tonda Chronor Anniversaire (different color dials and sea of gold), each will be issued in the amount of 25 pieces. Price: $ 135,000.

Let's look back at the history of the brand. The appearance of a company known to a wide circle as the Parmigiani Fleurier, took place thanks to the graduate watchmaking school in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Since 1970, the watchmaker Michel Parmigiani was a favorite of collectors circles. Master skillfully restored antique vintage clock mechanism, as well as manufactured the watch is calibrated for individual orders of prestigious brands.

The next step is the founder of the brand Parmigiani Fleurier Michel Parmigiani is to create their own collection of watches.

1995 - Michel Parmigiani get GAIA award for outstanding achievements in the field of watchmaking.

1996 - Launch of the first collection of watches, desktop and pocket watches.

1998 - 2002 gg Development house movements for the brand collections.

2007 - Creation of the first collection of sports chronographs Kalpagraph.

2004 - presentation at the Geneva Watch Salon capsule collection of watches produced in collaboration Bugatti S.A.S. and Parmigiani Fleurier.