Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Tourbillon

Italian scientist and unsurpassed watchmaker mechanics, Michel Parmigiani has long remained an unknown figure in the watch business. But his outstanding abilities were well known to the staff of many European museums, their collections are stored in a collection of old clocks. Boundless talent, a passion for invention and extensive professional experience helped Michel Parmigiani in record time to become one of the living classics of watchmaking art.

Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Tourbillon watches equipped with the thinnest automatic movement with micro-rotor and flying tourbillon. The first record set Parmigiani - the creation of the finest caliber with micro-rotor and flying tourbillon thickness of 3.4 mm. But the thickness of the mechanism, placed in a housing component of 8.65 mm, making them automatic watch with the thinnest tourbillon. And yet, not quite bad, considering that Tonda 1950 has held high the sapphire crystal, which also affects the thickness of watches. However, Tonda 1950 are really thin and elegant business class clock with a tourbillon, which gives them a classic look.

Moreover, Parmigiani managed to create the world's lightest tourbillon cage. Full cage is made of titanium and weighs 0.255 gram. On top of the cage is second hand. This is quite a logical location for the second hand, and so as the tourbillon rotates 360 º every 60 seconds. Arrow made of sheep steel has been developed to accurately compensate for the weight of the other components that make up the tourbillon cage.

Another novelty, at least for Pamigiani balancer mechanism is the use of a variable inertia, instead of a screw. All mechanical movement to achieve the perfect chronometric speed balancing mechanism or balance spring, or they must both be adjustable. In most cases, these watches are equipped with high-quality counterweight mechanism, adjustable screws on its rim, or variable inertia (semblance of balance arm).

Variable inertia mechanism is a system of small rotors which rotate with the balance to balance and consequently its working rhythm. Screws are screwed balancing mechanisms play a role of balance rotors, but these small screws tend to speak up and to pass air. Using a variable inertia gives the smoothness of the structure, providing a more stable operation of the tourbillon.

Model Tonda 1950 Tourbillon has rich selection of dials and not only in different colors. Parmigiani - company is vertically structured, with their own manufactories clockworks (Vaucher, together with Hermès), dials (Quadrance et Habillage), buildings (Les Artisans Boîtiers), as well as Atokalpa for all components of the trigger mechanism, including a balance spring, and supply straps from Hermès. This means that the company has a broad artistic freedom, and the collection clearly demonstrates the full use of these opportunities. The set consists of a white or black jade dials, white with a grainy finish and a dark blue dial with patterns Côtes de Genève.

There is also a fifth option, pearly gray. This version has, like other variations and original watches Tonda 1950 smooth, tapered indices. Bezel white gold case encrusted with stones, and crown you will find a real ruby cabochon. Cost models of Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda 1950 Tourbillon is 130,000 USD per unit, except for versions with diamond inlay, mother of pearl dial and genuine ruby cabochon, and the price is 135,000 USD.